July: The Summer of Riesling!

Greetings fellow wine enthusiasts!  Each month here at Fearrington we will be featuring wines of a specific place or type throughout all three of the restaurants here in The Village.  At The Goat, all of the wine that we have by the glass will be from that particular month’s focus.

For the month of July, everything by the glass is Riesling!

LOOSEN BROS. – “Dr. L” l $6/gls

This is an entry level, off-dry (sweeter), Riesling with loads of juicy apricot, tangerine, and mouthwatering citrus fruit.  Simple and easy to enjoy!

DR. FRANK – Dry Riesling l $7/gls

Green apple skin, Lime pith, and Dragon fruit follow the crushed white flowers from the nose to the palate, with just a touch of residual sugar softening the finish!

FORSTMEISTER GELTZ – Zilliken l $7/gls

If you want an example of classic Mosel Riesling, this is what you drink.  Trademark petrol notes and stone fruit on the nose, and a balanced, off-dry (barely sweet) palate!

FOLK MACHINE – Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling l $8/gls

Fuller bodied, opulent and gorgeous, with lots of soft
pear, honeydew, and white fruits and melons enveloping the nose with the
addition of a little mineral oil and crushed flowers to compliment the softer

von BASSERMAN-JORDAN – Gutsabfüllung Trocken l $8/gls

Trocken (dry/not sweet), lighter bodied, and almost slightly effervescent, there’s much more orange rind, apricot skin, and pungent citrus than is typical in this old world Riesling!  Very slight flashes of grey slate and classic Riesling oiliness show up with a little more focus, with each sip rewarding you with another dose of that mouthwatering acidity!

HEINZ EIFEL – Eiswein | $14/gls

Ah, the joy of a late harvest.  The fabled Icewine makes it’s apperance taking all of the fruited elements you love in Riesling and concentrating them 20x!  Unctuously sweet, but with enough acidity to keep it from being too cloying.  Put down the pastries and have a liquid dessert!

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See you soon!

– Xavyer, The Goat’s Wine Guru