Have You Herd About Our Beltie Photo Contest?

With four beautiful Beltie babies born already in 2013 we think this is a great time to celebrate our beloved Belted Galloway Cows – with a contest!

These funny oreo cows leave an impression on everyone who visits Fearrington, inspiring paintings, photographs and, of course, smiles! We want to see your best Beltie photographs! Submit up to two of your best photographs (we will be judging on the photo’s uniqueness and artistic quality) of our Belties using Facebook (Fearrington), Twitter (@FearringtonNC) or Instagram (@fearringtonnc).

Make sure to:
1. L
ike/follow us
2. Tag Fearrington in your post
3. Share the post (on Facebook)
4. H
ashtag #fearringtonbeltie (on Twitter and Instagram)

You only have until the end of May, so start reminiscing and get to posting!

The winner of our contest will win an all-expenses paid overnight at The Fearrington House Inn and dinner for two at The Fearrington House Restaurant. Have questions? Email us at!

Our belties are located in the front and back pastures (their stripe is hard to miss)! Have fun taking pictures (please be aware of the electric fence and do not “jump” the fence to enter the pasture — safety first).


*Please note that by entering your pictures in the contest you are allowing Fearrington to use these images

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  1. Ohh I’m excited!!! Can’t wait to take some pics of these cuties!

  2. I think that is a great idea to have a Beltie photo contest… look forward to seeing the results. We were there last weekend celebrating our daughter’s wedding with bridal luncheon and after rehearsal dinner. I did not have time to seek out the gorgeous cows and take pictures….hope to return soon. Kim Benton

  3. Great Idea

  4. I don’t do “Social Media”. Is there anyway to participate without use of Facebook or tweeter? Thanks

    • Hi Glenn,

      If you don’t have social media please email your photo to and we will post on our Facebook on your behalf! Thanks!

  5. I love the Belties, and the idea of your contest. I thought I should point out to you that I just posted on my Facebook my photo of one of your Belties. (A fond memory of a stay with you a year or so ago.) As stated in your directions, I went to tag you in the post, but immediately states “I do not have permission to tag Fearrington Village” in this photo. So…..hmm, what to do. I have, liked your page on FB, mentioned your site, with address on my page. I figure others, however will run into this same block. Suggestions?? Clevie Evans

    • Hi Clevie,

      Sorry for this inconvenience. If you wouldn’t mind emailing your photo to we will post the photo on our Facebook page on your behalf! Thanks so much for entering and look forward to seeing your photo!

  6. Clever idea looking forward to seeing the results! Great time of the year to catch a nice photo beautiful whether!

  7. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing the results. It would be of great interest to know more about the breeding program obviously underway with the Belties. It appears that the belts and the brown are dominate traits. Are the brown and whites something new within the breed or are you creating a new breed?

    • Hi! Yes the white belts are what make the cows Belted Galloways. There are four colors of belties: silver dunn (grey), dunn (brown), black and red. We have had two black calfs, one silver dunn calf and a dunn calf born this year. Hope this answers your question!

  8. I just love visiting there,it’s so nice&relaxing and looking for to real soon.

  9. Is there any restriction on who is eligible to enter? Must one be a current resident of Fearrington?

    • Hi Richard! No restrictions — anyone who loves Fearrington and has snapped pictures of our belties can enter. Hope to see an entry from you!

  10. Where, oh where, have the smallest belties gone? They were in the field behind The Granary yesterday, but are missing this morning.

  11. I would like to submit a photo for the Beltie contest. How do I go about that ?

  12. fun! love the belties…look forward to taking some photos.

  13. I see a Beltie calendar, notecards, and postcards of the top photos in the future!

  14. Loving the pics!

  15. Find the top 12 and insturctions on how to vote here!