Greek Wines for June

Part of our inspiration for the Village’s monthly wine themes is to bring attention to wines that don’t get the attention they deserve.  With each month we provide information, fun anecdotes, and lots of opportunities to taste great wines from all over the world, and in June, we are very excited to feature the wines of one of the oldest European winemaking cultures, the wines of Greece.

Wine has been produced in Greece for over 4,000 years, and was such an integral part of ancient Greek culture that they had their own God, who in part, reflected its importance, Dionysus.  Many festivals were held in his honor, including the Dionnysia, which was held each March, and was celebrated with the newest amphora of wine. Granted the wine from that time is much different than what we see now, the most exciting time for wine in the history of the world.  Indeed the wine consumed by the ancient Greeks was usually cut with water and had spices, flowers, and resin added to it. As history and archaeology have discovered, the occasional narcotic found its way into the celebratory imbibing.

Today, Greece is moving gracefully into the modern wine age, overcoming its more commonly associated vinous creation, Retsina.  In fact the diversity of wines made in Greece is enough reason to get out of your chair and make your way to Fearrington Village.  For white wine lovers there is something for everyone, from the floral Malagousia to the mineral-driven, yet full-bodied Assyrtiko wines from Santorini.  For red wine lovers there is the full-bodied, and sometimes Nebbiolo like, Xinomavro from Macedonia, and the more soft Agiorghitiko from the Peloponnese.  Then there are the multitudes of sweet wines, from Vin Santo (made from dried grapes) to the great fortified wines of Greece.

We will be featuring these wines in each of our restaurants for the whole month of June.  So please stop by and ask us about our selections, we are excited to share these wines with you.

– Maximilian Kast

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  1. Love, love, love Greek wines. Will be visiting the property towards the end of the month and cannot wait to learn more about Greek wines and have a glass at The Granary!

    • Nicole – we look forward to seeing you then! Cheers to Greek wines!