Fearrington's Annual Folk Art Show

Fearrington's Annual Folk Art Show

Every year The Barn fills with extraordinary self-taught Southern artists

We had an amazing show this year, and we are already looking forward to next year’s show on Saturday, February 21, 2015 and Sunday, February 22, 2015! Each year more than 35 folk artists from throughout the South convene at the big Barn at Fearrington Village. They turn every square foot of the structure into exhibition space for marvelous outsider art.

You will not want to miss the special Collector’s Preview on Friday, February 20, 2015 offering the collector the opportunity to visit and have more in-depth conversations with the artists and purchase their work. Check back for more information on purchasing tickets.

This annual event is an exhibition and sale of widely diverse artwork from self-taught Southern artists who are deeply influenced by the spirit of folk art, naïve art, primitivism and outsider art. Featured artwork includes whimsical paintings, fantastical robots, sculptures, pottery and more.

Fearrington has garnered a reputation for bringing together a diverse group of artists who represent some of the best, most unique work to be found in the outsider art world. We hope you’ll experience it for yourself!

All sales proceeds benefit the artists directly; Fearrington takes no commission from the artists, nor does Fearrington charge a booth fee to the artists selected for the show. Ticket prices are just $5 per person at the door.

2014 Folk Art Show Artists

The Fearrington Folk Art Show offers visitors a rare opportunity to purchase art directly from dozens of the Southeast’s finest folk artists.

  • Ab The Flag Man
  • Stephanie Astalos Jones
  • William Brock
  • cap man
  • Athlone Clark
  • Josh Coté*
  • Danny Doughty
  • Dover Pottery
  • Brian Dowdall*
  • Mike Esslinger
  • Jeanne Flint*
  • Riley Foster
  • Theresa Gloster
  • Jackie Haliburton
  • Susan Hayden
  • Chris “Chub” Hubbard
  • Clyde Jones
  • Mike Jones*
  • Crystal King
  • Amy Lansburg
  • CM & Grace Laster
  • Eric Legge
  • Peter Loose
  • Jennifer May*
  • Mark May
  • Mama Girl
  • Tim and Lisa Kluttz
  • Brian Mergenthaler
  • Chris Milk
  • Missionary Mary Proctor
  • Sarah Rakes
  • Richard Roebuck*
  • Cher Shaffer
  • Gabriel Shaffer
  • John Sperry
  • Lucy Stevens
  • Trés Taylor
  • Miz Thang

*Denotes artists new to the 2014 show

Until Next Year...

Wow! For the first time in recent memory, the Folk Art Show brought sunny skies and warm weather both days! No sliding around on a light (or not so light) blanket of snow. Our 2014 show was great fun for both artists and all the guests who came out to see the creations in The...

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