Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Vegetarian Tasting Menu
Wed-Sat 6pm-9pm Sunday 6pm-8pm 919.542.2121
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Wed-Sat 6pm-9pm Sunday 6pm-8pm 919.542.2121

Amuse Bouche

First Course
Salted Baked Potato Soup with Ginger
Dill, Brown Sugar, Sherry, Green Onion

Second Course
Pickled Red Beets with Midnight Moon Cheese & Whole Wheat Wafers
Dill, Orange, Cucumber, Red Ribbon Sorrel

Third Course
Crispy Egg with Celery Root & Truffle
Romanesco, Pearl Onions, Salsify, Oatmeal

Main Course
Maple Syrup Poached Butternut Squash with Brown Butter & Sage
Hazelnut, Medjool Date, Wheat Berries, Ginger

Cheese Course
Midnight Moon Cheese with Fig & Sweet Onion Compote
Crab Apple, Vanilla, Pecan

Pumpkin Spiced Cake with Crème Fraiche Sorbet & Oatmeal Crumble
Orange, Brown Sugar, Meringue, Poppy Seed

Valrhona Cœur de Guanaja Chocolate Soufflé
Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Whipped Cream

125 per person
Intended to be enjoyed by your entire party