Fearrington-Fullsteam Summer Beer

So with the coming of each season, we at Fearrington get excited to release the newest collaboration with Fullsteam Brewery.  This week we are releasing our Fearrington-Fullsteam Summer Beer, and it is:

Sean Lilly Wilson picking Blackberry’s at Busy Bee Farm in Chatham County. These blackberries are going into our syrup to serve with our Summer Berlliner Weisse

An American Berliner Weisse steeped with local Elderflower for lifted aromatics. If you recall from last Fall’s beer, a Berliner Weisse was the traditional sour ale of Prussia, made with a wheat and barley base with a lower hop inclusion, it was referred to as the “Champagne of the North.” For last Fall’s Berliner Weisse we used Crabapple and Apple Cordial as flavoring, and we went for a lower alcohol style at about 3.5 % ABV, which is the more popular of the two styles of Berliner Weisse.  This year we thought the beer best fit the summer time, and we raised the alcohol to 6% which falls into the line of some of the Berliner Weisse of old in the early 20th century.  The beer is also made with two-thirds Pilsner Malt and one-third North Carolina wheat.

Also as a nod to the early 20th century Berliner Weisse we have created two syrups to choose from to enjoy with the Berliner Weisse.  Since the beer is dominated by lemon citrus notes and have a fair amount of acidity, the syrups add another dimension of flavor, a ying to the beers yang. We have one syrup made from Chatham County Blackberry’s and the other made from Elderflowers.  The beer is delicious on its own so feel free to try it both ways.

So what is in the works for the Fall?  Chris Davis, Sean Lilly Wilson and I are talking about a Harvest IPA utilizing Virginia and Chatham County apples and North Carolina Rye.

Please stop by and give our Summer Beer a try, we are super excited about it and can’t wait for you to try it. Prost!

– Maximilian Kast