Chicken Noodle Soup with a Twist

One dish I’m working on at the moment is a “double-roasted chicken noodle soup.” I don’t think many dishes come closer to comfort food than one with healing qualities — maybe a grilled cheese! So, what does “double-roasted” mean? The “double-roasted” part of the soup is created when we combine a white chicken stock and equal amount of roasted chicken bones, giving the soup a beautiful color.

The underlining ingredient in this dish is the noodle, and I am going to take it and run! In the kitchen we are currently  working on a new pasta line. This pasta will be showing up on The Granary menu over the next few months. We have a really cool toy en-route to Fearrington that will enable us to take pasta to the next level! We are excited to be able to make a lot of different flavors and create some really unique dishes.

Keep on the lookout for double-roasted chicken noodle soup coming soon!

– Executive Chef Colin Bedford