At The Goat

Our coffee and wine shop shop offers an extensive wine by the bottle selection, wines by the glass, artisan lunch options and confectioneries made at The Fearrington House Restaurant, including housemade gelato. Read below for behind the scene details on the menu, the story of our coffee, and the selection process for our wine!

The Belted Bottle Club

It's simple and easy to become a member of The Belted Bottle Club - just purchase six (or more) bottles of wine at The Goat! Our wine team is pleased to offer a discount of 10% off of orders of six bottles, or a half case, and 15% off of full case orders. If you can't find what you're looking for, stop by Wednesday - Saturday from 2-4pm to place a special order with Colin, Fearrington's sommelier. In addition, with the purchase of six bottles, you'll receive a complimentary wine satchel... Full Post >

Old World Wines at The Goat

The Old is New Again! Wine has an amazing history that traverses around the world. In this Golden Age of wine that we are living in, we have access to wines from remote and exotic grapes. To celebrate this, we are taking a look at unique wine regions that may have been overshadowed by the modern behemoths of the wine world. Hopefully, through this tasting, we can appreciate the full journey wine has made from its start to where we are today! Giocato, Pinot Grigio, Slovenia,... Full Post >

Order Your Favorite Wine at The Goat!

We offer wide variety of wines at The Goat, catering to many different regions and varieties. We are proud of our wine selection and continually curate our offerings to ensure you can get great wine at an affordable price. However, we realize that we can't stock every wine, so our team is happy to offer special order wines at The Goat wine shop to ensure your wine palate is pleased. To place a special order, simply contact me via email with the name of the wine of interest, your... Full Post >

Drink Pink!

With the weather reaching its apex in heat, Fearrington's Wine Team turns to a trusty ally during the summer: rosé! Nothing cools you down faster than a cool glass of a crisp, dry, deliciously pink wine. We have many selections from all over the world right here at The Goat. Try bottles from Germany, France, Italy, and even Lebanon! Come explore the wide, wide world of rosé wine with us, and pick up a bottle or two to beat the heat! Cheers! - Colin Williams, Sommelier Full Post >

Beach Wine

If you've been by The Goat recently, you might have seen our monthly Wine Satchels featuring six wines chosen by Wine Director Maximilian Kast. This month's theme is beach wines - perfect company for a summer vacation! "With more than 300 miles of beaches, North Carolina is a summer paradise for those who love the water and the endless serenity of the ocean," said Kast. "For me the ocean, or any large body of water, brings not just the promise of relaxation but the sort of creative... Full Post >

Have You Met Melina?

The Goat is home to Fearrington's beloved coffee roaster, Melina! Melina was built in 1972 in a small village outside of Athens, Greece by Theodore Sakantaris. He named the roaster Melina Mecour in honor of her Greek heritage. Melina's voyage to America began when a shop owner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, commissioned Mr. Sakantaris to build a coffee roaster. Sakantaris shipped Melina by boat to Wilmington, N.C., and then on to Winston Salem. Melina was likely the first coffee roaster... Full Post >

Did Someone Say Pastrami?

The Goat's pastrami sandwich is proving to be one of the most popular dishes on the new menu! What’s the key? Well the housemade bread doesn’t hurt, but the real kicker here is in the meat. We smoke and roast our pastrami in house for 6 hours before slicing it and serving it to guests. The hearty meat, balanced by the sauerkraut and pickles, and all held together by our sourdough bread makes for a filling lunch you’ll be thinking about for days! Stop by The Goat to try this delicious... Full Post >

All in the Bread

The new menu at The Goat focuses on artisanal sandwiches, soups and salads. When Chef Colin Bedford was testing out the new recipes, he knew to make the sandwiches exceptional, they needed to be made-well from the bottom up. What better place to start than with the bread? All of our bread is made in-house each morning by Pastry Sous Chef Paola de Maayer and her team. Whether you love the tomato bread, sourdough bread or ciabatta, they are all made by hand in our kitchen using natural... Full Post >

Good Mornings Start with Pastries

Did you know all of our pastries are made fresh in The Fearrington House kitchen every morning? Led by Pastry Sous Chef Paola de Maayer, our team crafts croissants, bakes scones and mixes muffins. All of our pastries are made by hand, never pre-packaged, and always delicious. A few of our favorites are the croissants and the coffee cake! Nothing goes better with your morning coffee than freshly made pastries. Stop by The Goat to pick up a favorite or something new! Get a sneak peek of... Full Post >

Fearrington Fullsteam Summer ITA is Here

As the temperature starts to reach into the 90s and the humidity feels like a blanket of invisible water we find ourselves looking for the perfect way to cool down. Nothing in my opinion is better than the India Tea Ale produced in collaboration between Fullsteam Brewery and Fearrington Village. This is our second summer with this beer, and this year it is better than ever. Since we are in the South, and the historical summer beverage of choice is iced tea, we thought it would be a great... Full Post >