Our Belties & Farm Happenings

Our black and white belted cows are Belted Galloways, a rare breed of Scottish beef cattle that was introduced to the United States back in the 1950s. In the early 1980s, R.B. Fitch brought a herd of six Belties from Virginia to Fearrington. There are now over thirty Belties grazing our rolling pastures. The Belties’ sole purpose is to greet village guests and coax a smile or two.

Prepare for take-off…

Ever questioned what would “elevate” your next meeting or event?  For those that are tired of the normal meet and greet or would like to add in a fun activity before dinner, we have an exciting offer!  Richard Parr from Mystic Ventures in Pittsboro owns and operates his own hot air balloon rides available in the local area.  Great for a special occasions or onsite events (he even offers a champagne flight for 2!), Richard can accommodate up to 3 people per ride and can go up either at... Full Post >

Double Vision

The ambiguity of a sophisticated farm is the source of inspiration that led painters Brenda Behr and Robert Rigsby to capture Fearrington in a series of oil paintings. The artists share a studio in downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina. Problem is, they’re never there. They also share a love of plein air painting. Started in France by the group best known as the Impressionists, plein air is French for open air. In the mid-nineteenth century, new technology introduced a means by which paint could... Full Post >

A Beltie Surprise on Easter!

Spring is a season full of color and new life, but my favorite Spring surprise is black and white and adorable all over -- a new baby beltie born on Easter! He doesn't have a name quite yet, but that doesn't make his any less special. Fearrington celebrates every new beltie and we cannot wait to watch him frolic around the front pasture. Come by and visit! Full Post >

A Baby Beltie for Valentine’s Day

Even in the middle of winter, our Beltie cows have stories to tell and we are always happy to share those with you.  This little one was born at 10:43a.m. on February, 13th, 2013.  Cupid was tough enough to let us see his furry tail on this gloomy and rainy day.  If you find yourself wandering around Fearrington grounds make a quick stop to say hi.  Cheers Cupid! Full Post >