In Our Spa

The Spa at Fearrington is a destination and day spa. Enter through our spa boutique, Haven, where an attendant will welcome you. Our skilled, experienced staff offers the most expert and luxuriously rejuvenating facials, massages, pedicures and manicures.

Cosmetics for Your Feet

TKEES sandals are "cosmetics for your feet," that are available in several shades and come in a variety of beauty-product inspired finishes from Lipsticks to Liners, Highlighters, Glosses and Foundations. The most fun we've had with flip-flops in a long time. Choose the color and shade that best suits your outfit in just a slip of the foot. TKEES work any time of the day, anywhere you are! With a heavy list of Hollywood A- listers already fans, we've seen them look perfect with pants, skirts,... Full Post >

Smart Sun Tips

Summer has arrived and people are beginning to think about the sun now more than any other time of the year. However, sun damage can happen at any time of the year, rain or shine. It can happen all year long and adds up over time as well. Most people don’t consider the exposure they get from driving a car (or even being a passenger), working near a window, walking the dog around the block or relaxing on a shady deck. What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays? A good way to remember... Full Post >

Looking for the key to healthy looking skin?

Whenever it comes to beauty regimen, many people think of taking care of their face only. And that is why it's only the face that looks revitalized but not the entire body. So many companies bombard you today with the latest technology, chemical peels, and jars of youth to make your skin look younger longer. But the real key to keeping that fresh look could be as simple as exfoliating on a regular basis. One of the benefits to exfoliating skin is the fact that when the layer of dead... Full Post >

New arrivals

Come by Haven Boutique to see the new arrivals in the Gianna Rose Atelier couture soaps. These decorative soap products will add beauty to your home and add a feeling of warmth and hospitality for your guests. Gianna Rose presents a triple-milled, vegetable-based soap that is as luxurious to use as it is to behold. They have also created a delightful animal themed decorative soaps that will bring enjoyment into your home, and make washing an entertaining event. What a wonderful idea to use... Full Post >

Flip Flop Season

Let’s welcome spring and bare feet with great new colors from Tkees (pronounces T-Keys). These “cosmetics for your feet” are designed to emulate cosmetics in terms of color and attributes defining specific categories that include: liners, foundations, highlighters, shadows, lipstick, blushes, glosses, creams, and polishes. These sleek stylish flip flops are a woman's must have accessory because they can easily dress an outfit up or down and go from day to night. They can be... Full Post >

Evergreen Clematis

Blooming as early as February some years, the delicate-looking, but tough evergreen vine Clematis armandii has become one of our early spring favorites here in the gardens at Fearrington. Fat buds open over a succession of days in even the coldest weather, turning from palest pink to ivory white. Once open, the flowers release their heavenly vanilla scent to surprise and delight passers-by. While still a lovely dark green and well behaved vine when not in bloom, they are in full... Full Post >

The Many Benefits of Massage

As Winter moves into Spring and growth and renewal is all around us here at Fearrington Village, I thought I’d join with nature by sharing the many health benefits massage can provide. One of the most observable benefits of massage is a general feeling of relaxation. As a massage therapist, the sound “ahh!” is an earmark sign telling me relaxation has begun. Often times the first “ahh” can be heard when guests lie down on warm soothing massage tables at The Spa at Fearrington,... Full Post >

Introducing the Four-Hand Synchronicity Massage

Imagine yourself lying on warmed soft linens, gentle ambient music filling the room and being rhythmically massaged by the four hands of two skilled massage therapists. Enticed yet? The Spa at Fearrington is excited to announce the addition of our newest indulgence, the “Four-Hand Synchronicity Massage”. In this opulent full body treatment, four hands from two professional massage therapists synchronize in rhythmic strokes of varying intensity to bring about a powerfully relaxing... Full Post >

A Valentine’s Day Treat

February has long been celebrated as a month for lovers. Are you looking for an extraordinary place to celebrate your love? Our highly attentive staff is prepared to guide you in co-creating a magical experience. We understand that love presents itself in many forms and does not always mean the same thing to everyone. Perhaps you would fancy a day to yourself unwinding into a 90-minute hot stone massage, a fresh light lunch with herbal tea followed by a luxury manicure. Or, perhaps there is... Full Post >

The New Tranquility Massage

Have you ever felt like your massage session wasn’t long enough? Or, that you were finally relaxing into your treatment just as it was ending? Are you one of those who softly moan, “no!” when your therapist tells you the session is over? Yes, we’ve heard those moans and we understand. We also understand that not everyone can “let go” or relax at the same pace. Seeing this need, we’ve recently added a “2 Hour Tranquility Massage” to our spa menu. Each luxuriously therapeutic... Full Post >