In Our Gardens

Fearrington’s award-winning gardens meld the informal qualities of Fearrington’s farm heritage with the romantic landscape details Jenny and R.B. Fitch enjoyed during their travels through the European countryside.

Mums the Word

Taller, softer, and more graceful than the pampered mums sold everywhere at this time of year, perennial mums like "Sheffield Pink," seen here in front of Fearrington's home and accessories shop, Dovecote, reliably return to mingle beautifully with fall asters and salvias. Full Post >

A Fall Show from Our Gardens

It may be cloudy and drizzly outside, but with dozens of different camellias in bloom, the gardens at Fearrington are exploding with color! Fragrant fall-blooming sasanquas -- like "Sparkling Burgundy" shown here -- are approaching peak bloom time. Don't miss the show! Full Post >

Mama Fitch Asters

Fall brings new colors throughout Fearrington Village, whether its the warm hued leaves or fresh pops of purple! In several gardens at Fearrington, including The Fearrington Granary's patio, you'll find Aster Tartaricus; these tall flowering plants are an old Fitch family favorite. They bloom late summer into early fall and are not temperamental in the season's changing conditions. They provide a lovely color, back of the border structure and work great as cut flowers for fall gatherings! Full Post >

Fall Colors

Look at this stunning composition between the Goat deli and the Bank at Fearrington - a tight space smaller than a Cooper Mini but layered with hydrangea, lirope, coleus and various groundcovers. The rose and burgundy colors welcome the season in, and the foliage contrasts are a real show stopper. Full Post >

Spicing up the Refreshments

This fiery concoction was created by The Fearrington Granary's own resident mixologist, Talita Mauro. While experimenting with hot peppers from one the Village's gardens, she crafted this perfectly balanced cocktail featuring tequila, Cointreau, mango and orange juice. This creativity is the driving force behind our popular Daily Cocktail Features (ask your server next time you dine at The Fearrington Granary for dinner), which have included the Jalapeno Margarita, the Cantalope Cooler, and... Full Post >

Self Seeding Annuals

If you walk behind the Inn Building you’ll notice a large flowering plant the size of a shrub – an African foxglove - that may seem a bit ‘out of place’ with the formal gardens around it. We've kept African foxgloves (Ceratotheca triloba) in cultivation ever since finding them growing in the gravel behind our beer garden Roost (they probably escaped from a container). They are native to South Africa but are not related to foxgloves (Digitalis spp.) Here they behave as self-sowing... Full Post >

World’s Largest Flower Auction = Holland

I may have mentioned that I love my job. Case in point... one day Mr. R.B. Fitch says to me "Have you ever been to Holland?" Nope, I hadn't. "Well, lets think about that." Ok! And so it was planned! I was supposed to go last fall, but not-so-Superstorm Sandy put an end to that. All's well that ends well, though! With help from Fearrington's General Manager Theresa, the trip was re-scheduled and I was able to spend five days in Holland at the beginning of July. The weather was perfect... Full Post >

Naked Ladies Return to Fearrington

That's what they're called! Naked Ladies, Surprise Lilies, Magic Lilies -- whichever common name you know them by, late summer is graced by the flowering of Lycoris species. Here in Fearrington's gardens, we are enjoying right now the pink Lycoris squamigera among the hellebores by the Fearrington House walkway, the striking gold flowers of Lycoris aurea by the Inn courtyard, and various forms of L. radiata throughout our beds-- don't miss the show! Full Post >

Pineapple Lillies

Ample summer rains and the return of sunshine has brought out a spectacular display of pineapple lilies (Eucomis sp.) to Fearrington's gardens this year! With their Dr. Seuss-like flowers and striking leaf rosettes, pineapple lilies are always attention-getters, and favorites with garden designers. These South African bulbs are very well adapted to our growing conditions, tolerant of sun or part shade, critter-resistant, and long blooming. We've tried to incorporate as many varieties as... Full Post >

Flowers at Fearrington

Summer is in full effect here at Fearrington! The Gardens are absolutely gorgeous and filled with blooming flowers and lush greenery. It makes it hard to stay away and not to pick anything! On a  tour of the gardens  with a  couple this weekend we bumped into Mary Stevens, our very talented Floral designer. Mary had a basket filled with fresh cuttings from the gardens to create centerpieces for weddings and special events this weekend. It instantly made me happy and... Full Post >