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Dovecote is a lifestyle boutique offering an ever-changing selection of chic apparel for both men and women,  accessories, home décor and gifts for every occasion.

Style Defined: AVANT GARDE

This look was styled by Emma. Taking on avant garde fashion is not for the faint of heart. We like to take a page from our international friends, those from Paris or Tokyo or Sydney, and just go for it. Fashion is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be experimental and exciting. We love to play with proportions and textures and colors and this look is no different. We’ve taken a pair of pleated, high-waisted wide leg cropped pants (a must for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016! Get your pair... Full Post >

Style Defined: CHIC

This look was styled by Cassie. Chic is always defined by restraint. Class, style, a balance of timeless elegance and not falling into trend traps, tempting as they may be. That's why we love this look; a beautiful leopard-print blouse could get very loud, very quickly, but not so with this outfit. Lareida makes the perfect blouse and we've layered it with a simple white tank and perfect pencil skirt. Streamlined, simple, and easy as 1-2-3. That's what chic is supposed to... Full Post >

Style Defined: BOHEMIAN CHIC

This look was styled by Sharon. We love the juxtaposition of this look, bringing 70’s-style characteristics such as a wide-brimmed hat and a fuzzy vest and 90’s-style flannel shirt to create a thoroughly modern look with great contemporary touches: the handcrafted Italian hardware on the handbag, the knit back of the vest in such a trendy olive tone, the textural funk of the Israeli-designed ankle boot. This is a beautiful fall look, perfect for a stylish gal who embraces both the... Full Post >

Sale at Dovecote Style

Here at Dovecote Style, pieces very rarely last long enough to warrant a sale. However, we have one going on now and it is truly full of treasures! From classic camel coats to great fall boots, now is the time to stock up. Take advantage of this very uncommon occurrence to collect beautiful items like hand painted cashmere scarves, leather handbags and tailored silk blouses. Move fast, because our stock already is! Stop by and see us - We're open daily from 10am-6pm! See you... Full Post >

The Art of Layering

Now is the time of year when layering becomes extra important, but there's definitely an art to it. If you do it wrong, it looks bulky and uncomfortable but when you do it right, it looks chic and warm. It's always great to layer a simple tank under anything you wear. We love the thin ones from AMB as well as Judy P's polished silhouettes. A silk tee from TY-LR also gets the job done. On top of that, a P. Taylor top works well, to give structure and tailoring to the look. The perfect topper... Full Post >

Style Defined: CLASSIC

This look was styled by Cassie. Sometimes, simplicity is key. With this look, we start with a simple base: black cashmere turtleneck from Kinross, simple leggings from Equestrian Designs, suede kitten heel from Bettye Muller. But there’s a twist! The turtleneck is topped with a beautiful charcoal and pink scarf, the leggings have the faintest foil design printed on them, the suede heel is adorned with a bow and we’ve finished the look with hand beaded Miguel Ases earrings. It’s... Full Post >

Style Resolutions

New year, new you! New style! New Dovecote! There's something so refreshing about beginning a brand new year. That feeling of optimism and opportunity, of hope and excitement. We love it because it means more shopping! We're already starting to get new items in the store, from tried and true designers such as Equestrian (Milo pants are in stock!) to brand new lines such as Pink Tartan, Mahi and Hendrika. A trend that's been picking up steam is the idea of your closet as a... Full Post >

Style Defined: CHIC

This look was styled by Sharon. There is no better time to wear glittery pants than the holiday season. We love this cigarette-style pair from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, especially paired with a reversible architectural top from TY-LR. A pair of extra sparkly earrings, hand beaded by Miguel Ases and a paprika-colored leather Opera clutch from Joanna Maxham complete the look and it’s all perfectly punctuated by this stylish heel from Bettye Muller. We picture this look at a celebratory... Full Post >

Stocking Stuffers

What's more fun than stockings during the holidays? So many little gifts . . . all the better to prolong the holidays! Here at Dovecote, we've got just the thing. Or things, rather. Pretty ring dishes for the ladies, whimsical socks for the gents, artisan salts for the foodie and fun bottle openers for the bar aficionado. We have pens and stationery from Kate Spade, jewelry from Robin Haley and Miguel Ases, pocket squares from Armstrong and Wilson. The list goes on and on! Pop by the... Full Post >

Hostess with the Mostest

As the holiday season starts to rear its festive head, the topic of hostess gifts becomes more and more important. Something that we don't normally think of in our day-to-day lives - unless we're a jet-setting socialite - is now a real concern. What to bring? Here at Dovecote, we've got you covered. Stemless champagne flutes say "celebrate!" while being just unique enough to set you apart from the crowd. LAFCO candles in subtle scents such as Feu de Bois, French Lilac or Chamomile and... Full Post >