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Q&A with Barbara Kiersch

We were excited to chat with Barbara Kiersch for Schneiders of Salzburg, before their trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th. Here is what she shared with us about their collection! What was your inspiration this season? “Everything old and historic – as long as being suitable – we shall love. But for the new and future we shall live for," a saying by Theodor Fontane, German writer and philosopher. This is the Credo of the... Full Post >

Q&A with Nadia Bevegni

We were excited to chat with Nadia Bevegni, designer of IT Felt Scarves, before her trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, November 5th and Sunday, November 6th. Here is what she shared with us about her collection! What three words best describe your line? Three basic words for my newest line of felt art are with no doubt "handcrafted," "quality" and "transformation." Each piece is hand worked with the highest quality of materials, natural fibers that bond together under my hands'... Full Post >

Cuffs & Collars

One of our very favorite finds this season were the cuffs and collars from Catherine Osti. These are chic, unique and perfectly Parisienne. Add to collarless sweaters, have them peek out of a simple top . . . these accessories are such an interesting alternative to necklaces and bracelets! We love that they give the illusion of layering without any of the bulk. We love the delicate details and the air of sophisticated style. Be sure to see our stylists at the store; we are always... Full Post >

Q&A with Priscilla Taylor

We chatted with designer Priscilla Taylor, for P.Taylor Clothing, before her trunk show at Dovecote this Saturday, October 29th and Sunday, October 30th. Here is what she shared with us about this season's collection! What was your inspiration this season? The early morning light gives everything a warm inviting glow. I wanted our colors to reflect the morning light. How does your brand develop from season to season? I try to choose styles and colors that work into everyone's closet or... Full Post >

More for the Little Ones

Here at Dovecote, we are always moving things around! The most recent change in the floor plan was an expansion of our baby section. That means more adorable onesies with even more adorable patterns to choose from, more sweet mobiles, and more cute books to read before bedtime. Pick up a Heirloom swaddle that commemorates baby's birth, or Noodle & Boo luxury products including shampoo, baby wash, baby lotions and creams - all natural, all super gentle. If you're looking for a sweet... Full Post >

Men’s Scarves

Our gentlemen travelers love luxe neckwear and there is nothing quite as dashing as Margo Petitti's handmade patchwork-style scarves crafted from luxurious Italian suiting fabrics in her workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts. Margo Petitti's collection of scarves and other neckwear blend glen plaids, herringbone, houndstooth, and birdseye into one-of-a-kind accessories. Pick up one for a luxurious fall gift at Dovecote Style today! - Daneen, Dovecote Merchandising Manager Full Post >

Q&A with Jill Fairchild

We were excited to catch up with Jill Fairchild, for Fairchild|Baldwin, before their trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, October 16th. Here is what she shared with us about this beautiful collection! What was your inspiration this season? My inspiration this season stems from travel and everything around me - art, architecture, food, nature, etc. Texture plays a major role for fall and marks the introduction of different collar treatments, from stamped croc... Full Post >

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio – also called the Golden Mean – is a 1:3 to 2:3 ratio that appears in nature and is found to be the most aesthetically pleasing division of space. It has applications in mathematics, architecture, art and fashion where it is often referred to as "the rule of thirds." In fashion, most figures are more appealing to the observing eye if visually divided into thirds. When dressing in a 1:1 ratio (halves), the result can look boxy and unflattering. Using a 1:2 or 2:1 ratio... Full Post >

Q&A with Joanna Maxham

We were excited to catch up with Joanna Maxham, designer and owner of Joanna Maxham, before her trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd. Read on to see what she shared with us about her fabulous collection! What was your inspiration this season? As we move into Fall 2016 - I went back to the roots that inspired the Brand at the very beginning: the street style of big, international cities, and modern women who easily transition from casually chic... Full Post >

Fall Fashion for The Game

If you're active on any social media platform that employs the use of hashtags, you've seen #ootd But what does it mean? Outfit Of The Day! Today's outfit of the day is perfect for a fall football game. Starting with a grey skinny jean from Iris Setlakwe and charcoal cashmere turtleneck from Kinross, we've layered it for late fall with an icy blue Kinross sweater coat and Matisse print scarf that picks up on the color of the coat as well as the green in the Graf and Lantz... Full Post >