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Warm Your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day is sneaking up around the corner this year as it always seems to do. Here at Dovecote, we have got the perfect gift. One of our go-to's for any gift, from a housewarming to a holiday, is a LAFCO candle. Made from soy paraffin, these are subtly scented and delivered in a delightful handblown glass vessel. We love to re-use the container when the candle has burned out - ninety hours later! The burn time is exceptional, but the scents and colors are equally fabulous. To... Full Post >

Wrapped Up in Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner this year, and here at Dovecote, we have got the perfect gift for your special someone! A perennial favorite, the Matta scarf delights each of every one of its wearers. Spring or fall, bright or subdued, worn around the shoulders or the waist, the versatility of this piece is unparalleled. Each year, Matta comes out with new colorations and each year we think they can't be topped! For the festive holiday at hand, we love these scarves in shades of... Full Post >

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

As it always seems to do, Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us. We have the perfect gift for your sweetheart at Dovecote. Today, we're focusing on our fabulous multi-function clutch. If you've ever shopped at Dovecote (or know someone who does), you know about this handbag. It's a clutch, a wristlet, a shoulder bag, and a crossbody in one. It comes in every color under the sun. It contains pockets, spaces for your credit cards, and even a zippered pouch for loose change. It is, in a word,... Full Post >

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day is sneaking up around the corner this year as it always seems to do. At Dovecote, we have got the perfect gift. We focus a lot on the ladies here at the shop, but we haven't completely neglected the gents! For Valentine's Day, we love the idea of gifting a Collared Greens tie or bowtie! Certainly, we are partial to our custom Beltie pattern in red for the holiday, but we have several others that fit the bill. Whether it be striped, coral, or even a bold pink, we have plenty... Full Post >

Introducing Parker Smith Denim

At Dovecote, we strive to offer new and unique lines that you simply won’t come across often. In that spirit, we have searched high and low for "the perfect jean." At last, we have discovered them and are so excited to tell you all about our find! We are pleased to introduce you to Parker Smith. Founded in 2014, the company is the brainchild of CEO Mary Ellen Moschetti, who loved premium denim but struggled to find the right fit. She developed the line for contemporary-minded women of all... Full Post >

Caring for Cashmere

Winter has finally arrived here in North Carolina! There’s never been a better time to break out the cashmere than right now. But what’s the best way to care for these special knits? Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning cashmere can actually be bad for the life of your sweater. The toxic chemicals used in dry cleaning can break down the fibers, and deodorant may cause discoloration. Hand-washing is the best and safest method for washing wool and cashmere – even blends. Just follow... Full Post >

Add a Little Greenery

Have you heard? Pantone has chosen "Greenery" as the color of the year for 2017. You might be asking "Who the heck is Pantone?" They are a company best known for their Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color system used in a variety of industries, including printing, paint, fabric, and plastics. Pantone chooses a specific hue every year as "a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude." This year’s choice... Full Post >

Warming Up For Winter

As we enter the new year, it becomes clear we are entering a whole new season. Gone are the - albeit increasingly rare - temperate days; it is indubitably winter. Though it seems challenging to remain stylish, it is possible. That's where Dovecote comes in. We have your frosty fashion fix. We love to layer a thin cashmere crewneck, cashmere cardigan, and cashmere coat all together. Topped with a cashmere scarf, this is the height of luxury and also one of the most effective ways to... Full Post >

Style Resolutions

New Year, new you! Resolution time! Here at Dovecote, we love the optimism and freshness that comes with the new year. That newness inevitably flows into our fashion choices as well so this year we have a couple style resolutions to suggest. Try a new trend. Whether it be bold stripes, a pop of bubblegum pink, or a dramatic sleeve, 2017 is the year to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! We have all kinds of new pieces arriving soon. Sign up for our e-mails to get... Full Post >

New Year, New Trends

At Dovecote, we love a good trend - and what better time than a brand new year to try something new with your wardrobe as well? As long as it's flattering and feels true to your personality, we say embrace it! Do you live for comfort? Sneakers are still trending into 2017, as well as wide leg pants. Cinched waists are also in; we love a belt or a "garbage bag waisted" pant with a slim fitting top. When comfort meets style, everyone wins! Shoulders are still big, with cutouts, slits,... Full Post >