Castles & Retreats

For those that are not familiar, Castles and Retreats is the translation of a highly regarded organization Fearrington proudly is a part of called Relais & Chateaux.  Just a few weeks ago I overheard a guest that was checking-out of The Fearrington House Inn ask what exactly Relais & Chateaux meant.  The Front Desk associate gave the literal translation of the words and the guest agreed that our property certainly was just that – a relaxing retreat for them.

Days after they left I couldn’t help but think of how hard it is to describe just exactly what it means to be part of this prestigious group in just a few words, but I will try!  In short Relais & Chateaux is “an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs that has set the standard for excellence in hospitality.”  As it stands all current members are evaluated by the groups traditional “5C” motto: Caractere, Courtoisie, Calme, Charme et Cuisine.  In essence, what truly makes Relais properties special is the unique character and high level of service each offer.

In my experience each Relais & Chateaux property I have visited are easily the most enjoyable and memorable trips I have taken.  From this alone I encourage you all to experience the magic of these properties for yourselves and try your best to describe the ambiance in just a few short words — you’ll find it harder than you think!

– Samantha, Corporate Event Sales