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Materials That Last
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Building custom homes in one community near Chapel Hill, NC for four decades has taught us a few things about creating a lasting home, one built to the highest standards. Our team will guide you through our selection of standard features and help you customize your house to fit your needs.

Here are some standard features we build into every Fearrington home:

  • Kitchen cabinets are custom-made for each space and include features like roll-out shelves considered upgrades elsewhere.
  • Engineered wood floors in many styles have an exceptionally durable factory finish and are resistant to warping or bowing.
  • A conveniently located water-shut off valve means peace of mind when you’re away for long periods of time.
  • Shower spaces are so roomy a door or curtain is optional, and have anti-fungal grout, making cleaning easy.
  • Fireplaces are designed to burn either wood or natural gas.

These are standard features; we love customizing too! Contact us learn more from our knowledgeable real estate team.