Megan & Michael

Megan and Michael tied the knot on June 21, 2014. These newlyweds said their “I dos” at the Garden Terrace, and danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn.

How did you and your partner meet?
We grew up together. His mom has worked for my dad for almost 20 years, and one summer Michael and I were both working for him as well. He was in the IT department, so when my phone broke one afternoon, he was the one who came to fix it. We started talking a lot more and I would purposely break things in my office so that he would have to come fix them. Eventually I realized he wasn’t going to ask me out since I was his boss’s daughter, so I asked him out on the first date!

Tell us about the engagement?
Michael put so much thought and planning into his proposal! He bought the most beautiful ring and took my parents out to lunch to ask for their permission and let them in on his plan! He asked my mom to take me to get my nails done and make sure I had no idea what he was up to! When we were done, he called and asked me if I wanted to go visit Historic Yates Mill Park and see the old mill and waterfalls. We had a blast walking around and seeing everything and eventually went over to the pond to sit down and rest. After a few minutes of talking, Michael started to tell me how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him, but I was so in shock that I completely forgot to say yes!

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?’
Michael and I couldn’t be more opposite in our personal styles. He very much a good country boy and I like anything and everything glamorous. We looked at a couple of venues, but they either seemed more Michael’s style or more my style. There wasn’t anything that really spoke to the both of us. We started getting really frustrated and started to think the “perfect venue” didn’t exist.

One of my good friends recommended that we go look at Fearrington and showed us pictures of a wedding she had been to out there recently. Michael and I could both tell Fearrington was going to be our venue just from seeing the pictures. It had all of the rustic charm that he was looking for, and all of the elegance and romance that I had dreamed about.

When we went out there to meet with Gilda we fell even more in love with it. We loved that Fearrington made the entire wedding planning process so easy too! The florist and baker were right on site, and anything else that we needed to take care of was made so simple with the help of Gilda. She recommended additional vendors to us, answered all of our questions and reassured us in all of our moments of panic. She could have directed our wedding with her eyes closed! A few days before the wedding we dropped off all of the decorations and little extras that we had ordered. Gilda and her team set everything up perfectly so that my mom and I could just enjoy the weekend and not have to worry or lift a finger. It was truly the best process I could have ever hoped for!

Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day.
Michael and I both feel we truly had the best wedding anybody could have! Fearrington made sure that we didn’t worry about anything so we were actually able to enjoy every moment. If we had to choose the highlight moment of our wedding, we would have to pick our reception! It was breathtaking walking into the barn for the first time. All of the lights and flowers made it so romantic and beautiful. It was so much better than what we had envisioned it to look like! On top of that the food was incredible! Our guests haven’t been able to stop talking about it. The entire day was just a fairy tale filled with so much laughter, love, family and friends. We wish we could do it all over again every weekend!

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