Q&A with Blair Stanley

We were excited to catch up with designer Blair Stanley before this weekend’s pop-up shop at Dovecote on Saturday, April 16th and Sunday, April 17th. Check out what he shared with us about this season’s collection!

What has been your inspiration this season?
The Blair Stanley collection is always going to be about Classic Silhouettes with trims and details that are currently trending. The color palette is always neutrals (blacks, greys, navy blue) with one trending color . . . this season a hue of orange felt fresh to us . . .

Queen Collection
The inspiration for Queen is modern wardrobe essentials with a comfortable element. We really invested time in comfortable tops with an edge . . . accommodating the casual element of today’s customer with the “put together” look that she demands.

How has your collection evolved this season from last?
Integrating our Queen Collection with special pieces from Blair Stanley has made our collection much more wearable and current. It was a huge undertaking that we are very excited about.

What is your long-term vision for the brand?
Blair Stanley
I believe that being focused on the customer is always my vision. Not getting caught up in too many trends and colors that the customer will not wear. Our vision is to remain loyal to my customers needs but always trying to give her something new to update her wardrobe.

Queen Collection
To develop and see what she wants from us. New brands always go through many changes according to customer response. There is always a vision, but the customer always dictates the transition of the collection.

If you could only pack one piece from your entire collection, what would you choose and why?
Blair Stanley
I always love our shirts and shirt jackets. My favorite is a printed shirt with an inverted back pleat revealed if it is unzipped . . . Its classic but very versatile and can be worn both casually and as a dressy piece.

Queen Collection
I am particularly fond of a top with combo faux suede and ponte. it just feels right for the current environment. I also love a long duster in multiple fabrics . . . Did you say I had to pick just one?

We can’t wait to welcome back Blair Stanley and his fabulous collection this weekend. See you there!

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