Helping The Birds Weather Winter

The sudden arrival of winter weather in our area  – and on National Bird Day, at that – has inspired us to share a brief summary of ways to help our garden friends survive the toughest and coldest days of the season.

Providing shelter from the storm can be as easy as making small piles of brush here and there throughout the garden. Adding some leafy branches to the top of the piles will give additional cover to birds trying to stay warm. Leaving dead trees up – where possible – allows species such as woodpeckers to seek shelter in cavities. If you have provided your birds with nesting boxes, now is the time to clean out old nesting materials and fill the boxes with dried grass or nesting cotton. Social songbird species, such as chickadees, will roost together in these when the temperatures drop.

If you like to feed the backyard birds , then providing high-quality, nutritious suet cakes, black oil sunflower seed, and niger thistle seed reliably will help them get through the weeks when food may be scarce. Since birds like to scout out reliable good sources in late summer, be sure to keep your feeders filled at that time or they may not know you are there.

When the temperature really drops, water becomes the most difficult thing for birds to locate. Having a heated birdbath, or putting a small heater in an existing water source, can make all the difference to birds trying to conserve energy to stay warm.

With any luck, this will prove to be a mild and short winter in the Carolina Piedmont, and we will soon be hearing the spring songs of our favorite birds calling throughout the gardens!

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

Giving Back with reBouquet

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Holiday Greenery

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