Mastering Chocolate

Fearrington’s Executive Chef Colin Bedford and Cake Designer Emma Isakoff made the trip to the “Big Apple” for an exclusive chocolate class with master chocolatière and Valrohna chocolate specialist Philippe Givre. Chef Bedford first met Philippe at a Valrohna class in Paris.

The Fearrington duo, along with 10 other participants, settled in to a three day class at Valrohna’s school in Brooklyn, New York. “The building is beauitful,” said Chef Colin Bedford. “An old shoe factory filled with amazing equipment and teachers — it was a massive opportunity and a great learning environment.”

With intentions to build a strong base for a Fearrington chocolate program, Chef Bedford said, “we knew what we needed to learn to have a successful program, so that was our focus.”

“The biggest takeaway from the class was re-thinking the way our turndown truffles are made,” said Emma. “I’m now spreading out the truffle-making process over several days to create even molds and a better chocolate experience for our guests. Inspiration was constant during these three days and we made sure to return to Fearrington and tweak our processes with new methods and techniques to ensure the best possible product for Fearrington visitors.”

Out of all of the chocolate flavors, Chef Bedford and Emma agreed their favorite was the Apple Tart Tatin. What is that exactly? Think about an upside down apple pie in chocolate form…yum!

- Missy

Make It Your Own Monday

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Maria & Dave

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Meet John Westmoreland

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Make It Your Own Monday

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Healthy Antioxidants Regiment

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