Meet Mathew’s Men

This book is an inspiring read about the U.S. Merchant Marine sacrifice in World War II during the U-boat war against Germany in the Atlantic.
Mathews County, Virginia has a long and strong marine tradition and reading of their wartime efforts to support the Allies in the face of the horrors of modern war is an inspiring take on what is our greatest generation.

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– Matt, Bookseller

Toast Time!

At Dovecote, if we're not discussing fashion then we are definitely discussing food. Staying atop the latest trends is important in both couture and cuisine, and we are very on board the toast trend. Avocado toast, gluten free toast, sinful French toast, you name it, we are fans. Which is why we love our new toast cookbooks! A toast cookbook sounds silly until you read one and your eyes are opened to the magical world of toast. Toppings we would have never dreamed of, innovative cooking... Full Post >

A Taste of the Canary Islands

At The Fearrington House Restaurant we are always on the search for the most delicious wines to offer by the glass. This search often takes us on fun adventures to new and exciting regions. Recent explorations have brought the Tajinaste Listan Blanco from the Canary Islands to the list, and we can not be more enthused about how truly distinct and delectable this wine is. What is Listan Blanco? They make wine in the Canary Islands? To answer the latter, yes!! And amazing wine to... Full Post >

Strawberries Wild & Refined

Cool off and enjoy the flavors of summer with this light and refreshing cocktail. The housemade consommé is perfectly paired with a dish from the summer menu at The Fearrington House Restaurant.  Strawberry Fields Forever A vodka and white port base is complimented by summer flavors of strawberry, thyme, ginger, lemon and mint. Many of these ingredients grow wild in fields: strawberries, thyme and mint. The name became an ode to the Beatles’ song, “Strawberry Fields... Full Post >

The Importance of Exfoliations

Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Taking care of it through the hot, summer days is important. Your skin goes through many changes during this season with visits to the beach, working outside in your garden or just travelling from air conditioning to the heat. One of the benefits to exfoliating skin is when the layer of dead cells is removed, lotions and other products will be better absorbed into the healthy skin underneath. This does not happen as easily when the surface is... Full Post >

The Best Necklace for Each Neckline

Here at Dovecote, we are huge fans of accessorizing. But there's definitely a way to do it right. And a way to do it wrong. Pairing necklaces (lengths, colors, materials) with the wrong neckline can throw off a perfectly good look. Use this as a handy cheat sheet so you'll always look impeccable! With a turtleneck, wear a long, dangly necklace. It elongates the whole body. We love ones from Diane Cotton and Lele Sadoughi. With a collared shirt, our go-to is Fairchild-Baldwin. The... Full Post >