Erin & Jason

Erin and Jason tied the knot on March 16, 2014. These newlyweds said their “I dos” at the Garden Terrace, and danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn.

How did you and your partner meet?

Jason and I met in 2008 while we were both working at an international school near Dusseldorf, Germany. I was teaching second grade, and Jason was part of the school’s administrative team. I was actually introduced to him the day after I arrived in Germany. A complete nervous wreck from the plane flight, culture shock, and from literally being dropped off in my empty apartment to fend for myself, I certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship at this particular moment in my life! But there Jason was anyway. After spending some time as friends, we started dating halfway during our first year overseas, and had the opportunity to spend our first few months together hiking the Rheinsteig trail, and traveling to Greece, Istanbul, and the Ukraine. We have moved and traveled around a lot since we began dating, which is a testament to our tolerance and patience for each other. We love to try new things and visit new places, and we look forward to the many adventures that lay ahead of us as a married couple!

Tell us about the engagement?

When I tell people we got engaged on Valentine’s Day, it sounds a little cheesy, which was most definitely not the case for our proposal. Jason and I never really celebrated Valentine’s Day, but instead chose to celebrate our dating anniversary which was around the same time. Valentine’s Day of 2013 marked four years of being together. Regardless of this milestone in our dating history, I was not expecting Jason to make a big deal out of this holiday. So you can imagine my shock as I am standing in my pajamas at 6:00AM, without even a cup of coffee in my system when he very bravely presents me with “the box”. To be completely honest, I didn’t even notice the ring (which was beautiful!) but instead proceeded to ask him repeatedly if he was playing some sort of a trick on me. I finally said YES–of course. Despite me being my typical grouchy morning self, I realize now that this was the absolute perfect proposal. It was just for us, and we had the whole day to make excited phone calls to our friends and family.

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?’

We visited Fearrington exactly one year prior to our wedding, on a beautifully sunny and warm March day. As we walked around the impeccably manicured grounds, had lunch at “The Goat”, and enjoyed the overall ambiance of the day, I had a gut feeling that Fearrington would be a great place for our friends and family to come together for our special day. We were looking to create a “destination wedding” feel for our guests who were traveling from all over the country to celebrate with us, and Fearrington was the total package—luxury accommodations, stellar food, and a little southern charm. After speaking with Gilda during our initial meeting, I knew that I would not need to worry about a single detail of my wedding day—I could just enjoy it! As a “no fuss” bride, the promise of a stress-free day was very appealing to me.

Over the next year, I spent time getting to know the Fearrington team and explaining our vision for our wedding day. Gilda, Mary, and the entire team were wonderful and encouraging throughout, but I don’t think I realized exactly how wonderful until our wedding day. Despite the sunny March day a year earlier, our wedding day in 2014 was marked by a steady, relentless rain shower. The Fearrington team took care of everything, including preparing the indoor location of our ceremony, delivering the cake, bride, and guests safely (and dry) to their destinations. On a day that I should have been stressing about these changes and details, I simply wasn’t. I am so thankful for the Fearrington team and their hard work to help make our day sunny and bright, regardless of the gloomy weather.

Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day.

I have three moments in particular that stand out in my mind from that day. The first would be kissing my husband for the very first time. My veil fell off at the exact moment that he kissed me, making it look like he literally blew me away! The second was listening to the very heartfelt duel-speech made by the best man and maid of honor (his dad and my sister). And finally, I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did as we travelled through the rain shower to the Garden House for the ceremony. I had borrowed somebody’s Rainbow sandals so that my wedding shoes wouldn’t get wet, and I had about four people trailing behind me with umbrellas helping me with the train of my dress. It was probably a ridiculous sight, but memorable nonetheless!

Anything you want to add about your wedding story?

Just a small piece of advice. Be sure to enjoy and savor every moment of your special day. When you look back on your wedding day, your first thought is not going to be about how beautiful your centerpieces were, or how flawlessly your ceremony went. You will remember the funny and unexpected moments—a wardrobe malfunction, having your send-off in the pouring rain, or your wedding guests dancing like fools! And of course you will remember your spouse above all else, and how they looked at you when you saw them for the first time. Try not to get lost in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture—you are getting married!

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