The Most Romantic Gardens

Whether it’s toasting the setting sun from the white Adirondack chairs overlooking the pasture in front of The Fearrington House Restaurant or strolling hand-in-hand beneath flowering cherry trees, the gardens at Fearrington abound with beautiful, romantic settings for just the two of you. It would, in fact, be almost impossible for us to pick a “most romantic” spot, as they vary so from season to season, morning to evening.

However . . . if we were truly pressed, I think we would have to choose two timeless standouts for that distinction. First would have to be the secluded benches nestled beneath the vine-covered pergola surrounding Jenny’s Garden. In the spring the garden is flanked by flowering crab apples, their branches laden with pink-and-white blossoms. In the summer, fragrant roses scramble up the pergola’s posts, and in the fall, sweet autumn clematis billows and drapes the entire structure.

Vying for title of “most romantic” would undoubtedly have to be a shared table beneath the wisteria arbor at the breakfast entrance side of The Fearrington House Restaurant – particularly during the weeks in March and April when there is an explosion of purple bloom covering the trellis.

But why take our word for it? Come and explore the gardens yourself with a glass of wine and the company of your one true love to find your own “most romantic spot in Fearrington!”

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

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