Ultimate Bar Basket

Whether you’re dressing your bar for the holidays or brainstorming for the perfect gift for your bar aficionado, Fearrington’s shops can help!

With the help of our wine, decor and book experts from throughout the Village Center, we have everything you need for the ultimate bar basket!

From The Goat’s wine guru Xavyer

“If you need wine for the holidays, I can guide you in selecting the right bottles for the job! Contact me via email, by phone at 919.545.5717, or stop by The Goat to see me in person. If you’ll provide the occasion and what kinds of wine either you or your guests like, and I will go to work right then or have them assembled and ready for you to pick up whenever is convenient for you. If you have special wines that you’d like 3 bottle or more of (ex. Vintage Champagne, Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 Oltretorrente Timorasso), I’ll special order and help put these in your hands as well!”


From our stylists at Dovecote Style

Always in the know about the latest cocktail trends and a wine connoisseur, this person is tough to impress but we’ve got options.

First, there’s the Coravin. It is a system that allows the user to pour a glass without taking the cork out and risk spoiling the wine. The possibilities are endless! That bottle that’s been in the cellar and you’re not sure if it’s quite at its peak? Take it out for a spin.

Second, we have beautiful cocktail books as well as really lovely decanters and pitchers for batch libations.

Third, tons of other bar accessories and wrappings. Think fun wine stoppers, festive wine bags, wine holders, gold and silver glassware and more!


From our book pioneers at McIntyre’s Books

The bar books you NEED are…

Liquid Intelligence: The Art & Science of the Perfect Cocktail by Dave Arnold Arnold, a food science writer and owner of Brooks & Dax in Manhattan, has written a book for cocktail enthusiasts and professionals interested in a new method of making drinks.

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails
A gorgeous big black coffee table book written to inspire the next generation of bartenders. This stunning book is a show stopper.

Gift Guide – The Bar Aficionado

The bar aficionado has an impeccable eye for fancy spirits and fabulous soirees. They're always in the know about the latest cocktail trends and tough to impress, but we've got just the thing for these connoisseurs! Firstly, there's the Coravin. Coravin is a device that let's you pour a glass of wine without removing a cork and risk spoiling your wine. Imagine the possibilities! That bottle that's been in the cellar for a while and you're not sure if it's quite at its peak? Take it... Full Post >

Stocking Stuffer Central

The staff at McIntyre's Books have compiled a list of their favorite stocking stuffers this holiday season. Check out some of their picks for the kids or to add some holiday cheer to your home! For Holiday Cheer Big Candy Canes: These sizable sweets are corn syrup free, available in Pomegranate or Cinnamon. Archivist candles in Holiday Scents: These hand poured soy candles are adorable adorned with festive red lids. 60 Fortune Cookies book Beltie Note cards... Full Post >

Tree Decorating for the Birds

Wreaths are being hung, doors and windows swagged, trees lit and decorated, and the Fearrington gardeners have arrived at our favorite part of the Holiday Season: decorating the large tree in the center of the Village for the birds! Festooned from top to bottom with our handmade, edible ornaments, it is not only lovely to look at, but will provide our wild creatures with fruit, nuts, and nutrition during the next few cold weeks. This year, we'll be hanging peanut wreaths, raisin "icicles,"... Full Post >

Beer for the Holidays

We were very excited to share a favorite beer from Fearrington's Wine Director Maximilian Kast, the Corsendonk Christmas Ale! This beer is perfect for relaxing after a day of holiday shopping or to share with family over dinner. Here's what Maximilian Kast shared about this holiday delight: "Corsendonk Christmas Ale is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale made in a similar fashion as a Trappist Dubbel style. It has aromas of Prune, Raisin, Fig, and Floral notes as well, it is full-bodied and rich... Full Post >

Elemis 12 Days of Beauty

On the first day of Christmas Elemis gifted me, a travel size of the most luxurious spa products you could ever lay your hands on with the 12 Days of Beauty kit! You even get a sneak peak of a new item not available yet for retail, the Cleansing Babassu Facial Wipes, made with rich Amazonian Babassu oil to replenish the much needed hydration for the windy winter days. All item are listed on the box, and each day you get a complete and wondrous surprise as to which product you'll get.... Full Post >