Elise & David

Elise and David tied the knot on March 14, 2014. They held their ceremony at Fearrington’s Willow Oaks and celebrated their “I dos” in The Fearrington Barn!

How did y’all meet?

During the fall of my freshman year I noticed a cute boy at Carmichael Gym on North Carolina State University’s campus. I finally realized I was planning workouts around making eye contact with him! My roommate, Jamie Roberts, told one of David’s friends I mentioned him and over Christmas Break, David asked to be my “friend” on Facebook. After break we were introduced and I asked him for tickets to his fraternity’s philanthropy concert. David craftily only brought me half the tickets I requested on campus in a plan to meet again that evening! We ended up talking and laughing for hours that evening and started dating soon after!


Tell us about the engagement?

After a few years of dating, David and I were overjoyed to adopt our Border Collie, Finley. We loved going to Lake Johnson Park to spend time together, running or walking Finley along the paths. On April 22nd, David wanted to take a walk and enjoy a picnic around the park. After we ate, we decided to walk Finley around the lake. I walked over the shore with Finley and turned around to see David on his knee, holding my great grandmother’s ring! We called our family and told only our closest friends, as the next day I told everyone at my sorority chapter meeting where we had a candle pass ceremony. It was an amazing moment to tell our family and friends that witnessed our relationship grow!


What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?”

I found Fearrington Village through a photographer’s blog soon after we were engaged. Even though our wedding was still almost two years away, we booked Fearrington immediately without looking anywhere else! From the beautiful gardens to the stunning barn, Fearrington is such a romantic and intimate venue. We fell in love with Fearrington’s southern charm and the unique atmosphere it provides. Fearrington also offers a retreat beyond the wedding day, as we wanted a venue we could visit and relive our perfect day for years to come. We look forward to many celebrations at The Fearrington House Inn & Restaurant, date nights at The Fearrington Granary, and anniversary retreats at The Fearrington House Inn. Cheryl, Mary, Michelle, and the rest of Fearrington’s phenomenal staff have exquisite taste and I had complete confidence in their decisions during our entire wedding planning process. The staff showed genuine excitement for our family and added a true warmth to our celebrations. As a bride, I was able to focus on David, my family, and our vows without any worry of time or details. Fearrington Village made our wedding, the most spectacular day of my life!


Describe one of the highlight moments of your wedding day.

Waiting to walk into the barn to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. David Collier Long was an amazing moment! We had such an exciting day getting ready with our closest friends, seeing each other at the ceremony, and reciting our hand written vows, but we were thrilled for the reception! Looking around at our family and friends, knowing they sacrificed time and energy to celebrate our marriage as we made our entrance was a moving moment. There was an undeniable feeling of love in that room as we began our first dance!


Anything you want to add about your wedding story?

There is so much anticipation and excitement leading to the wedding day that it is unfortunately easy to lose sight of what the day is all about. Throughout our planning process we decided to incorporate family heirlooms into our day. These served as a reminder that family comes first and gave us the ability to start our new family traditions together! My great grandma’s vintage handkerchiefs were embroidered with messages to our parents and a bible verse for David. I strung my Mema and Grandaddy’s wedding bands around my bouquet with a locket. We toasted with vintage glasses that dated back to the early 1900s, and placed pictures of deceased relatives on seats at the ceremony. We even created new traditions, as David and I coincidently gifted each other the exact same family bible! We cherish these details that added warmth to our day!

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