Being Creative with Fullsteam

Food, beer, wine, restaurants, service, music, painting, sculpting — what do all of these have in common? Creativity and imagination!

Some are individualistic expressions and some are joint, or better, collaborative expressions. The teamwork and creativity that goes into restaurants is something that when working well, should go unnoticed, it should feel natural.

In our second year collaborating with Sean Lilly Wilson and Fullsteam Brewery I feel that natural mutual creative energy in full force. Together we have the ability to think out of the box and the willingness to meet in the middle to express something unique, delicious, and in harmony with our restaurants and Chef Colin Bedford’s cuisine.

As all works-in-progress go, we have had our successes and our learning moments, but all in all, each pint of beer was easy to finish. As we enter this second year, we are very excited to bring back some old favorites and surprise you with new beers on the horizon.

When Sean and I had our weekly strategy meeting focusing on the soon to be released Fall beer, Sean brought up the fact that everyone makes a Pumpkin beer this time of year. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we figured it’s time to revamp the Fall beer catalog. So for our sixth beer release we are introducing the Fullsteam, Fearrington Heirloom Apple and Rye IPA. Which I think might be the best beer we have had yet!

What I love is that the beer itself, just like the kitchen of our restaurants and the service team of our dining rooms, it is a collaboration not just of Fearrington and Fullsteam, but the folks who provide the ingredients as well. The heirloom apples come from our friend and cider-genius Dianne Flynn from Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia. The rye comes from Carter farms in Eagle Springs, North Carolina and it was malted by the Riverbend Malt House in Asheville, North Carolina. We initially wanted to use North Carolina hops but they were not able this time around. Instead we chose Jarrylo and Cascade hops from Washington State. The beer is itself a testament to creative and collaborative inspiration.

We will be releasing the Fullsteam, Fearrington Heirloom Apple and Rye IPA Friday, September 26th, at a special beer dinner at Fearrington’s Garden Terrace. We will taste a full spectrum of beers from Fullsteam, starting with the Summer Berlinerweiss, followed by the Fall HA&R IPA, and then a battle of the seasons with the release of the First Frost Persimmon Winter Beer, side-by-side with the Summer Basil Saison with Main Course. For dessert you ask? Paw Paw Golden Ale, paired with an early fall menu by Chef Bedford. This dinner will bring the collaboration to the next level, and all of our creative forces working at the same time.  In short its going to be whole heck of a lot of fun. Click here for the full dinner menu.

We hope you join us for the dinner. If you can’t make it, we hope you enjoy our fall beer here at Fearrington or at Fullsteam in Durham. When you enjoy the beer, remember a lot of thought, work, and dreaming went into that glass, and we hope that you love it and see a little bit of our dream within it.

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