Fall Uniform

Fall is the best season for fashion – all the colors! All the layers! All the boots!

For Fall 2015, it’s all about richness of color – mulberry, royal blue, deep moss, cinnamon, ember and peat. We love to layer basic pieces like a Judy P. shell with a cashmere sweater and a simple pant in a great fall color.

It’s all in the details; we love our Kinross pleat-back sweater with zippers on the shoulders. Everything has a special something whether it’s fringe, pockets or an intricate knit design.

We love to play with proportion, layering a long button-up such as the Sonoma from P. Taylor with a cropped cashmere sweater from Kinross and a viscose wide leg cropped pant from Wilt. We love this look just as much with pointy toed heels and a clutch as with a funky ankle boot and backpack. Top with jewels or silky scarf for maximum impact.

Make heads turn this fall with Dovecote Style.

A Few of my Favorite Things

Part of the Southern charm and elegance of The Fearrington House Inn is found in the individuality of each Inn room. We want your stay with us to feel like you have been invited into a family home, and each room has a personal unique touch to cater to that! Over the next few months, I will be highlighting my favorite elements of my favorite rooms around The Inn. There are 32 rooms in The Inn, so I may not get to write about each one, but I can assure you each room is as wonderful as the... Full Post >

Style Defined: CHIC

This look was styled by Jeanne. It seems almost criminal to not have our first chic look for this blog be all black. Sleek, streamlined, but also full of texture and the most fashionable details, we’ve put together quite the outfit. Love the lattice work on the sleeves of the cashmere sweater from Kinross and the drapey material of the Equestrian Carla pant. Jeanne’s touch is evident in the delicate gold necklace; it’s the perfect accessory. We’ve put it together with a... Full Post >

Q&A with Kimberly Abell

We were excited to chat with Kimberly Abell, for Equestrian Designs, before her trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th. Here is what she shared with us about her beautiful collection this season! What has been your inspiration this season? The warm rich colors when the seasons change. How has your collection evolved this season from last? Our pant shapes are changing: boot cuts, gauchos, crop wide and narrow legs. What does your collection... Full Post >

Roost is (still) Rockin’!

Although our beer garden Roost has been in full swing since the Spring, my personal favorite time to enjoy this spot is right now! September is one of my favorite months for many reasons, (hello fellow Libras!), but among those would definitely the cooler weather and start of Fall! Mornings and evenings are so pleasant we long for them to linger just a little bit longer. With this is mind it is the perfect time to come enjoy an evening with us here at Roost.  We now offer wood-fired... Full Post >

Erin & Adrian

Erin and Adrian tied the knot on October 25, 2014. These newlyweds danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn. How did you and your partner meet? Adrian and I both worked at Georgetown University Law Center. After about a year of just saying "hi" in the halls he finally asked me out. We dated for about 2 years when I received the biggest surprise of my life. Tell us about the engagement? I was on a work trip in London and one early morning there was a knock on my hotel room door.... Full Post >