Fearrington Beltie Turns One!

Can you believe that one year ago today Fearrington Beltie made his debut off the farm? In just a 365 days he has traveled to Vegas, Brazil, London, New York City and now his friends are filling out their passport too (check them out)!

So, what’s Beltie have to say about his adventures? I got the chance to sit down with this traveling oreo bovine and ask him myself.

Q: You’ve traveled a lot of places this year, which destination was your favorite and why?

Beltie: Without a doubt 2014 has been the year of travel. Despite the multiple destinations I’ve visited. I think my favorite one is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I met Ipanema girl and fell in love with her!

Q: I’ve seen you try out a lot of occupations (astronaut, sommelier, surfer, cook) – which job is your “true calling?”

Beltie: Ahem! Ahem! I feel I’ve been put on the spot. I have a very extensive background and I have been trained to multiple occupations. Just like a secret agent! Some even call me “The Most Interesting Cow in the World!” So, depending on what’s required on the traveling job, it’s my duty to make it happen and deliver to my audience. If I had to pick one, I would say maneuvering the Beltie-Drone is one of my favorites.

Q: We’ve seen you sipping on a lot of concoctions, from the Fearrington-Fullsteam seasonal beer to wine to coffee, what’s your drink of choice?

Beltie: I think there’s a drink for every occasion, but I can’t deny I have a soft spot for Scotch. You know, my heritage calls!

Q: Now that you’ve conquered Twitter, what’s next?

Beltie: (Scratching his head) – It’s hard to tell at the moment what the next step will be. Any big celebrity who’s in social media these days started on TV, Movies or Politics. I think I did it the other way around. So, if my prediction is right, I think I’ll incur in The Big Screen business next! In between and if I get lucky; perhaps, just perhaps I may have my own Talk Show and interview Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Ms. Ellen DeGeneres. As I put it on one of my Instagram’s posts.

“My destiny is just like a fortune cookie waiting to be cracked open.”

Q: Finally, do you miss the farm? Or do you plan to keep on traveling?

Beltie: I think is a common misconception that I left the Fearrington Farm completely. Although, I travel almost every week, I come back to Fearrington between travels. After I jumped the fence I discovered The Fearrington House Inn’s luxurious accommodations. I love this Five-Star Relais and Chateaux property! So, when at the farm, I don’t sleep on the pasture anymore. I ask for permission to stay in a Grand Suite at The Inn. They usually put me in a room with a king size bed, oversize Jacuzzi tub and separate sitting area. If that were not enough, they know how stressful my travels are, so I get invited to dinner by Chef Colin Bedford and Wine Director Maximillian Kast. To top it all Theresa Chiettini the General Manager treats me to The Spa at Fearrington before I hit the road again.


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