A Little Wine & Wisdom for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” like…saying…”I love you,” but we all know that your special someone would prefer you speak in gifts instead of English. This is not unfortunate, as wine is a perfect gift that is as rewarding to give as it is for the both of you to enjoy!

They say there is a Champagne for every occasion, and for Valentine’s it’s DUVAL-LEROY Brut Non-Vintage.  Sharing the bounty of chocolate treats that you ordered from The Goat is going to be all the better with a glass of this storied Champagne.  Not only is sparkling wine of this nature just incredibly delicious on its own, all of the acidity and persistent bubbles help protect your senses from death by chocolate. Although, I’d be hard pressed to find a better way to go!  Also If you’re having a some more substantial food, this dry bubbly and its lean lemon, biscuit, green apple and fig notes will extend some pinkies as the glasses are raised to toast the meal.

Let’s say you’re only in it for the chocolate!  Can’t say I blame you there. If you’re looking for something with a little sweetness to help the truffles go down smoothly, then this is what Cupid was really aiming for when he fired off his arrow.  SANT’EVASIO Brachetto D’Acqui is an off-dry, red, bubbly, mystic magic of a wine that drinks almost like a red Moscato. Soft, easy, and full to the brim with deep, ripe strawberry, raspberry, and rhubarb.

Ladies why not treat your Mister with something he’ll actually enjoy this year? Not that your smiling face and loving voice aren’t all he needs! BELL’S Two-Hearted Ale is something a beer lover would appreciate on Valentine’s, not that it pairs with anything sweet in particular.  It’s just great beer that seems like it fits the mood, ya know?

All of the beer and wine mentioned is available at The Goat and will continue to be available through February 14th!

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