Early Spring Planting

February in the Piedmont usually heralds the first stirrings of what truly feels like spring. While it’s hard to resist the urge to get out there on the first warm, sunny day, putting your garden energy to work in a thoughtful manner now pays big dividends later!

If you are starting a vegetable garden – or simply like to incorporate edibles into your ornamental beds, as we do here in the gardens surrounding The Granary – February is the ideal time to sow cold weather crops like arugula, radishes and lettuce.

Bare-root plants, such as roses and fruit trees, are also good to plant now in the Piedmont. Container perennials and shrubs can be added to your landscape anytime the soil is not too wet to work. In fact, this is one of the most important things to remember when gardening in early spring:  if the soil is still wet, then tilling, planting, and even walking on it risks compacting our clay-based soil, making it more difficult for plants to thrive.

Containers are an excellent focus for your garden energies when the ground is too saturated to work. By late month garden centers will begin to fill with colorful spring annuals, early-blooming perennials, and flowering shrubs. Fill a few of your prettiest containers with spring color, and winter will seem far behind you!

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

California Chardonnay

Stop by The Goat Wine Shop to pick up a bottle of this week's featured wine. We're sipping Landmark Vineyards, Sonoma California “Overlook Chardonnay” 2014! Having lived and worked in Sonoma, California for nearly two years, I drove past this winery everyday. Culturally, it is on the tip of the tongue of all the affluent and elite wine drinking locals. Why? Because it’s fantastic. A phenomenal example of California Chardonnay without being overly robust and hard to handle. It’s got... Full Post >

Meet Jesse

Jesse joined The Fearrington House Restaurant team in 2016. A North Carolinian native and resident of Chapel Hill, he previously worked as AGM and head server at [ONE] restaurant. Jesse started his career in the hospitality industry as curb-hop and dining room server at his family’s restaurant. Now immersed in wine, he helps guests find the perfect bottle to complement their dining experience at The Fearrington House Restaurant. Read more about Jesse below! When did you realize you were... Full Post >

Meet The Artists: Theresa Gloster

Theresa Gloster first began painting in 1999, when she met Sam McMillan. When Gloster met McMillan, she knew she wanted to paint but was unsure of what she should paint. McMillan advised her to, "paint what you know." From then on, she began painting her memories. Gloster's work depicts memories of her past, her family, the simplicity of daily life, the stillness, the noise, the chores, the joys, the pains, the acceptance of life, but most of all the humanity of Appalachia's rural black... Full Post >

Valentine’s Picks for The Little Ones

We love our children all year round but when Valentine’s Day rolls around it gives us a chance to share a few extra hugs and kisses, as well as some lessons about love. I’d love to share some new books that are perfect to share in this season of love. When an Elephant Falls in Love by Davide Cali & Alice Lotti gives us a glimpse into those often silly feelings we have and goofy things we do when we first fall in love. Elephant hides every time he sees his crush, he bathes... Full Post >

Warm Your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day is sneaking up around the corner this year as it always seems to do. Here at Dovecote, we have got the perfect gift. One of our go-to's for any gift, from a housewarming to a holiday, is a LAFCO candle. Made from soy paraffin, these are subtly scented and delivered in a delightful handblown glass vessel. We love to re-use the container when the candle has burned out - ninety hours later! The burn time is exceptional, but the scents and colors are equally fabulous. To... Full Post >