New Year’s Resolution Regiment

If you’re like most people, you want smooth, healthy skin, but maybe you don’t want to wade through hundreds of chemical laden products to get results. That’s where antioxidants can help! Incorporating the right antioxidants into your diet and skin care routine can have a positive effect on your skin.

Antioxidants are nutrients and enzymes that protect your skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells and induce signs of aging. From calming inflamed skin to tightening and toning, antioxidants offer great benefits from natural sources.

As antioxidants block the effects of free radicals, they end up being oxidized. If you’ve seen a peeled apple turn brown, you’ve seen oxidation in action. This is why it’s important to constantly replenish your supply of antioxidants.

Our winter seasonal treatments can help kick start a proper skin care routine jammed packed with antioxidants of cranberry, pomegranate and green tea. Each ingredient provides properties that are beneficial to your skin care needs. All three combined offer a powerful regiment for your skin care routine. Let’s take a look at each ingredient.

Cranberry is a source of phytochemicals known as condensed tannins. These berries are a powerful antioxidant and natural antiseptic with an anti-inflammatory effect. Cranberries are rich in Vitamin C and believed to contain excellent infection fighting properties. Its medicinal properties have been recognized since Native Americans used raw cranberries to dress wounds. It regenerates, moisturizes and brightens the skin.

Pomegranate helps the skin defend itself from free radicals, which cause premature aging. It supports and maintains immune, reproductive, circulatory, digestive, metabolic, and skin health. It has the ability to soothe, protect and moisturize dry, cracked and irritated skin. It contains a host of powerful antioxidant, which is responsible for brightening the skin tone.

Green tea compounds have significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, with studies suggesting green tea extracts can help prevent ultraviolet radiation damage. It is one of the strongest anti-oxidants and it also has anti-cellulite benefits. Green tea promotes collagen formation, an important component for keeping the skin firm and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Come visit us at the Spa at Fearrington to experience one or all of our Cranberry, Pomegranate & Green Tea seasonal treatments. Start with a cup of green tea before you begin a Seasonal Body Exfoliation followed by a Seasonal Manicure and Pedicure.

We will also offer a Cranberry Facial for our winter seasonal treatment. The fruit acids prove to be quite effective in the removal of dead cells which plays a significant role in the cellular renewal process to create a new smooth epidermis. They also moisturize the skin, making it look fresh and supple. As a result, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles vanish, imperfections and brown spots fade, and the complexion becomes radiant.

Book three or more treatments today and receive 10% off your spa treatments. Take time out for yourself by starting a new regiment for your skin. Cranberry, Pomegranate & Green Tea treatments will only be available through the end of March — call The Spa at 919.545.5723 today!

– Angela, Spa Manager

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