Every Glass is an Adventure, A Retreat to a New Place

We can all use a retreat from this busy world we live in. From our busy schedules and endless to-do lists, to our constant desire to stay on top of things, we often forget to sit back, relax, and remember why we work so hard. There is evidence that momentary escapes and adventures can bring a sense of calm and joy, and provide a regular equilibrium to our busy lives. For me, this retreat can often be found in a glass of wine.

How, you might ask, can a glass of wine provide a momentary escape? It’s all in how you look at it!

When I pour myself a glass of wine, I let the wine tell me a story. The story begins by looking at the label and unfolds with questions and a conversation between my nose and palate. This conversation includes all that the wine has to say.

What country does the wine call home? What is the grape variety? Is that traditional for the area? And if not, how did that grape travel to this region? When was this vineyard first planted? What is the soil like? Do they practice organic or biodynamic viticulture? What language do they speak in this country, region or village? Is there a traditional cuisine that goes with this wine? Is the winery family owned? If so, how many generations has it been in their family? What is the history of the land, what is their literature, their music, their traditions? What was it like during harvest? Was it a difficult year for them or a dream harvest?

All of these questions derive from the label and are posed before even tasting the wine. Then the conversation goes on. What does the wine itself say? What does its smell say about the heart of the wine? Is there tree fruit, berry fruit, stone fruit or tropical? Oak or no oak? Is the wine earthy, funky, floral or spicy?

Then the taste questions come. Is the wine sweet or dry? Full-bodied or medium-bodied? What is the acidity like, the tannin, the alcohol? Is it balanced? The wine is now speaking to me and I am all ears. This single glass of wine has made me retreat from the rest of my day and take joy in the moment.

Wine is so many things, but for me, its most important attribute is that it brings enjoyment to life.  A glass can make each day a little brighter, and yes, allow us venture to another land. Even if for just a moment, we live the journey that lead to the creation of what is in the glass.

So next time you have a busy day or want to travel for just a moment, find that glass of wine, let it tell you its story, and enjoy!

– Maximilian Kast, Wine Director

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