Caring for Cashmere

Here at Dovecote Style, it’s no secret that we love our cashmere. We’re overjoyed when it arrives in the shop; you’ll never see a group of women so thrilled by sweaters when it’s 95 degrees out in early August. We invest in it, just like you. We only carry the finest quality cashmere and to make sure it stays that way, we care for it.

Lucky for all of us, The Laundress is here. A laundry care line created by two young women who were tired of their luxury clothing items being destroyed by the dry cleaners, The Laundress is gentle and all natural.

Their wool and cashmere shampoo is designed to be used by hand or on your washing machine’s delicate cycle. Simply wash your cashmere, rinse until all the suds are gone, reshape and lay flat on a clean, dry towel. You can roll the towel for a faster dry, or just leave it flat. It contains cedar, which keeps the moths away. It smells delightful and works gently and effectively. We also carry the wool and cashmere spray, to freshen and deodorize your pieces between washes. Less washes=longer life!

Swing by the shop to check out our wool and cashmere shampoo and the plethora of amazing products from The Laundress. From delicate wash to mesh bags to a miracle-working stain solution, Dovecote has all your laundry woes covered.

Thankful for Holiday Pies

Fall is our favorite time of year for many reasons: the beautiful changing colors throughout the Village, the fabulous fall events, and, of course, Thanksgiving Pies at The Goat! This year, the talented team at The Fearrington House Restaurant has created four delicious autumn flavors to enjoy with your family and loved ones this holiday season. Apple & Cinnamon Pie with Crumble Topping $21 Pumpkin Pie with Cream Cheese Frosting $23 Chocolate & Caramel Pie with Honeycomb... Full Post >

Harvest & The Garden

With the colder and shorter days of winter fast approaching, finding new ways to bring the garden indoors becomes one of our favorite tasks. While all the colorful flowers our gardens have enjoyed may be a fast-disappearing memory, there is still plenty of material and opportunity in the garden for seasonal decorating. Here in the Gardens at Fearrington, we like to use container plantings, filled with colorful evergreen shrubs, grasses, and hardy blooms to group by the entrances to shops and... Full Post >

Style Defined: BOHEMIAN CHIC

This look was styled by Emma. Nothing says throwback quite like a poncho. We love that they’re back in style and are perfect when paired with a chestnut legging from Magaschoni, Daniella Lehavi ankle boots, and a plaque necklace from Belgium made of horn. We love a leather fringed handbag in a trendy olive tone from Jesslyn Blake but this outfit looks just as great with a higher boot or some terrific earrings. We’re picturing fall bonfires, kicking back with a craft beer for this... Full Post >

Halloween at Dovecote Style

Who says you’re too old to celebrate Halloween? Here at Dovecote, we say you’re never too old to play dress-up any day of the year! We’ve got a couple ideas that put to rest the notion that there’s a limit on this particular brand of fun. Audrey Hepburn The classic Halloween costume and for a good reason: Audrey Hepburn was a class act all the way and whether you’re going the Holly Golightly route with a sleek black dress (ours is TY-LR), chunky necklace (love the modern take... Full Post >

The Butterfly Room

Our General Manager Theresa Chiettini’s favorite room is easily Room 34, one of our luxurious Grand Suites in The Park Building. With a large sitting area, a king bed with a beautifully crafted headboard, a bathroom with an incredible jacuzzi tub, and a private patio, this room is hard to beat. As you walk through the gate into your private patio, the bubbling fish pond to your left offers a calming serenity to begin your stay. Above the small set of table and chairs is a charming metal... Full Post >