Q&A with Barbara Kiersch

We were excited to chat with Barbara Kiersch for Schneiders of Salzburg, before their trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st. Here is what she shared with us about their collection!

What has been your inspiration this season?
The SS’16 season revels in three worlds of colors. Modern, understated tones create the impression of having been bleached by the sun and the sea.
The palette extends from rose and red tones to blues such as ocean and smoky blue. These are supplemented by soft nuances like pastels, sea green, chalk, sahara, and classics like navy.

How has your collection evolved this season from last?
We’ve incorporated natural materials, superlight pure cotton, summer wool for the transitional season, “peach-light” technical material, and many more lightweight knit blazers which feel like sweaters.

What is your long-term vision for the brand?
Fashion is no longer a question of clothing – but about individuality and ideas.
Especially when you think of good creative fashion, high quality and being special, reflecting the spirit of its time. Our goal is always an international, modern, contemporary collection with Austrian flair.

What does your collection add to an already fashionable wardrobe?
The lightweight, comfortable but dressed feeling in an understated optic.

If you could only pack one piece from your entire collection, what would you choose and why?
One piece to choose is just impossible – but the natural blazer and jacket/coat over it will be the most comfortable to wear on daily basis and while traveling.

We look forward to see you this weekend to welcome Schneiders!

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