Meredith & Josh

Meredith and Josh tied the knot on December 31, 2015. These newlyweds rang in the New Year and danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn!

How did you and your partner meet?

Josh and I have a unique love story to say the least! A mutual friend introduced us when Josh was enrolled at Kenan-Flagler and I was living/working in Chapel Hill. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship at the time – in fact, Josh had plans to head to Catholic seminary at Notre Dame after getting his MBA. While we were just friends at first, our status eventually changed from “just friends” to “it’s complicated.” Josh had been thinking about the priesthood for years and knew if he didn’t give seminary a try, he’d never truly know . . . so he went. Heartbreaking. Long story short, after a year of discernment, Josh left Notre Dame, moved to Washington, D.C. to be with me, and six months later we were engaged!

Tell us about the engagement?
When Josh and I were in Chapel Hill, we loved the cozy Southern charm of The Carolina Inn. Living in D.C., we missed it so much that we decided to plan a weekend visit. Although I thought it would have been the perfect place to get engaged, I didn’t suspect a thing. Then to my surprise, just before heading downstairs to reclaim our favorite seats at the bar, Josh got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said “YES!” and the bartender was the first person we told we were engaged! I later learned that Josh’s plan was almost foiled because the ring wasn’t ready yet – my sister and brother-in-law were recruited to pick it up from the jeweler in D.C. and drive it all the way down to NC to pass it off to Josh in the parking lot only minutes before he proposed!

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?’
We were planning a NYE wedding, so we wanted a formal ceremony followed by a rockin’ NYE barn party where we counted down until midnight with the band. Getting married in a church was really important to us, and having both grown up riding horses (Josh actually grew up on a horse farm in Wisconsin), we loved the idea of having our reception in a barn. We were going for classic elegance with a bit of rustic charm. We’d had dinner at Fearrington House just before Josh graduated, so we knew how beautiful the grounds were, and who can resist those belted cows?! When it came time to think about reception venues, Fearrington was at the very top of our list.

Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day.
There are so many things I loved about our wedding day – it’s hard to name THE highlight, but one of my very favorite moments was being announced as “Mr. and Mrs.” before stepping into the middle of the room for our first dance surrounded by the love of all our family and friends. We’d taken a few dance lessons, and still weren’t sure how it was going to go, but I think we nailed it! Before the song ended, Josh picked me up and spun me around three times before planting me back on my feet with a dip and a kiss.

Anything you want to add about your wedding story?
I cannot tell you how many people have told us that they’ve never had more fun or been to a more beautiful wedding. Josh and I agree. It was the most magical day and everything was perfect. We have Gilda and the entire events staff at Fearrington to thank for that. The food, the flowers, the décor, the impeccable service and attention to every last detail – from planning start to finish, we didn’t have to worry about a thing, and had an absolute blast ringing in the New Year and celebrating the beginning of a new chapter in our lives together. We wish we could do it again next year! If nothing else, we look forward to returning to Fearrington to celebrate many a happy anniversary in the years to come.

This wedding was designed and coordinated by Fearrington’s own Gilda McDaniel. Photography by Krystal Kast Photography.

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