Sara & Scott

Sara and Scott tied the knot on April 25, 2015. These newlyweds said their “I dos” at the Garden Terrace, and danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn.

Tell us about the engagement?
Our engagement took us on a journey in logistics, which in turn required two attempts for Scott to get to “pop the question.” On the first attempt, Scott had the plan and pieces all in place. However, the universe had its own agenda in mind that evening. Essentially, all Scott needed was for their mutual friend Maria to get Sara to have drinks together at the location. The idea was for Maria and Sara to meet for a “girls’ night out” after a tough day at work. The only problem was that Sara actually did have a tough day at work, and Maria couldn’t get out of work until later than usual. The last thing Sara wanted to do was go out and be social…this posed a rather formidable challenge for Scott in order to “motivate” the plan into action. Strike one.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature decided to come out and play, unleashing a sizeable spring-afternoon thunderstorm. This paired rather well with Sara’s lack of interest in going out, along with Maria’s extending delay from work; and all the while, the sun was setting at a seemingly record pace. Strike two. And yet, after some clever coaxing, the weather clearing, and everyone still fitting into their designated places, it seemed like it could all come together. With the surprise still intact, the camera man at the ready, and despite it being a bit darker out than desired, the hope was alive. And then came strike three: there wasn’t a soul in sight at the location to witness the event. Game over.

In an effort to eliminate complication for attempt number two, our mutual friends (Maria and her husband Jamie) “planned” a dinner out with us. The weather was perfect, the location (Lafayette Village in North Raleigh) was blooming with early evening diners, and everything was in place for the proposal. Scott walked Sara up to the wishing well in the middle of the courtyard with two pennies in hand. With each holding a penny, Scott asked Sara to close her eyes and make a wish. As this was taking place, a waiter was walking towards them with the ring on a serving platter, greeting them just as Sara opened her eyes. After some heart-felt words, Scott took the ring, got down on one knee, and finally, popped the question…and she said “Yes!”

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?”
When a modern day couple dreams of their perfect wedding day, a million-and-one ideas come rushing into mind. And yet, with a million-and-one ideas all dancing around simultaneously for consideration, it would seem that bringing all of those ideas together would come at a million-to-one odds. Enter the Fearrington: where a million-to-one odds meets one-in-a-million.

From the southern chic décor in contemporary country style houses, to the ever-pleasant professional staff who cater to every minute detail; or from the naturally-pristine gardens in their seasonal blooms, to the palette-teasing offerings of gourmet food, spirits, and deserts; the Fearrington provided the setting, the expertise, and the selection to indulge in our wildest wedding wishes.

And lest we forget: the Fearrington comes not just with the venue(s), the food & beverages, the wedding cake, the flowers, and the catering, but it also comes with the most courteous, graceful, and professionally gifted wedding planning staff a bride and groom-to-be could ever ask for. We were able to throw our planning worries, stresses, and sleepless nights behind, because the skill in their craft enabled us to simply focus on our love and to actually enjoy every waking moment of our dream wedding day.

Tell us about the highlight moment of your wedding day?
So many moments made our wedding day more special than we ever imagined, and the entire event took us by surprise in how seamless, stress-free, and gorgeous everything came to be. That being said, if we had to choose one highlight, it would be the moment we saw the fully decorated garden terrace (originally planned to be our back-up rain location).

We had planned all along to have our wedding ceremony in the gardens outside, but the weather simply didn’t want to play nice. However, when we both saw the fully dressed garden terrace during our pre-ceremony pictures, we were awestruck. The layout of candles and flowers along and around the fire mantle was simply breathtaking, and we knew at that moment that we truly felt like we were getting married. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

In all honesty, we are so glad it wasn’t sunny that day, as we otherwise never would have gotten to experience the intimacy, warmth, and spectacle of the garden terrace like we did that day. For anyone trying to decide between the gardens or the terrace, our utmost recommendation is to utilize the terrace: it is simply stunning.

Is there anything you want to add about your wedding story?
Our wedding day was, to us, a day that Hollywood could not have written a better script for. It was the most memorable day of our lives, even though it sped past us in the blink of an eye. We laughed, we cried (happy tears!), we poured our hearts out to each other, and we danced the night away all while taking in more love from family and friends than we ever thought possible.

We were fortunate enough to experience the feeling of enchantment that not all get to experience in life, and for that we are forever grateful to all those people involved in making it happen for us. We wished upon our lucky stars for a wedding day like this to happen, and the Fearrington granted us that dream come true. We can never thank you all enough.

This wedding was designed and coordinated by Fearrington’s own Gilda McDaniel. Photography by Katherine Miles Jones.

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