Second Year of the Winter Coffee Pecan Porter

When the temperature drops there are a few things that become necessities: scarves, hats, mittens, wool socks and my morning cup of coffee. The way a warm cup of coffee warms me up and awakens my senses prepares me for the activities of the day. Throughout the year, Fearrington Village is enveloped in that same aroma of freshly roasted coffee. In the winter the aroma is more powerful and even more welcoming. When I sense that smell I know our coffee roaster Julian Vargas is busy at work at The Goat roasting our Fearrington House Blend. I look forward to that smell as one of my favorite aromas of winter.

In 2013, when Fullsteam Brewery’s Sean Lilly Wilson and I were talking about our first winter collaboration beer, we were looking for something that represented Fearrington Village — coffee was a no brainer. Then came our first year of the Fullsteam-Fearrington Coffee Pecan Winter Porter. It was the most popular of our seasonal beers, so this year, we decided: let’s do it again.

The Porter, a style of brown ale that came out of eighteenth century London, is made with brown and darker malts, giving it a naturally roasted flavor. This lends itself perfectly with the similar aromatics that you get from coffee. The production of the Fullsteam-Fearrington Porter involves the use of our Fearrington coffee. There is also a bit of pecan flavor which you taste on the finish. In addition to what they add flavor-wise, the pecans also represent the very old pecan trees that are near The Fearrington House Restaurant and our herb garden.

So, with all of your winter necessities, we hope that you add our Fullsteam-Fearrington Coffee Pecan Porter to the list. It will warm you up, make you alert, and bring a little bit of Fearrington Village to your home. Or stop by the brewery or the village and enjoy a pint.


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