Meet Jesse

Jesse joined The Fearrington House Restaurant team in 2016. A North Carolinian native and resident of Chapel Hill, he previously worked as AGM and head server at [ONE] restaurant. Jesse started his career in the hospitality industry as curb-hop and dining room server at his family’s restaurant. Now immersed in wine, he helps guests find the perfect bottle to complement their dining experience at The Fearrington House Restaurant. Read more about Jesse below!

When did you realize you were interested in the culinary world?
The first time I remember appreciating the culinary world I was probably twelve, and on a cruise ship with my family. I was astounded night after night with different dishes that I had never tried but also enjoyed. If you ask my parents they will tell you I have always been an eater, even as an infant – and I guess old habits die hard.

Tell us a little about your family’s restaurant?
A small humble venue just off of a highway; not much if you’re passing by but loved by the locals. As a youngster I remember working as a curb-hop at my aunt’s diner-style restaurant where it was located near a popular dirt-racing track in North Carolina and frequented by those fans. I was curb-hop initially so service has always been in my keen interest.

What is your favorite by the glass currently on The Fearrington House wine list?
Currently my favorite BTG option we offer is the Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy, Les Coûtes, Sancerre, Loire Valley, France 2015. Crisp acidity with a full bouquet of fruit that has a well-rounded finish. I find this wine incredibly refreshing and versatile with our menu.

What advice do you give guests when you provide our extensive wine list?
I always let our guests know that they can’t go wrong with our amazing selection and despite the tome of a list that it is that they should not fret as we will assist in guiding them through however they see fit.

Be sure to say “hello!” the next time you see Jesse at The Fearrington House Restaurant!

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