Q&A with Erica Preo

We were excited to catch up with Erica Preo, for Pantofola, before her trunk show at Dovecote on Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th. Here is what she shared with us about her exquisite collection!

What three words best describe your line?
Luxury, Italian, Modern.

What continues to inspire you to create beautiful dog collars?
What inspires me most is the fantastic feedback and comments I’ve received from customers. I knew there had to be a huge segment that was looking for something genuinely special and made to the highest standard for their dogs, and now I have the proof! I am truly honored that people are telling their friends about Pantofola, it really is the best compliment to receive. Of course, our commitment to donating to dog rescue organizations based on our profits is equally inspiring!

Do you have any pups of your own? If so, which collars and colors do you choose for them?
I do have pups of my own — there are currently six! From our Caramelle collection George wears Liquirizia (black), Chappie wears Neve (white) to match his fur, Sally wears Tarocco (deep orange) which is gorgeous against her black coat, and Stella wears the Fresca collar (yellow and green) from the Lido collection because it matches her personality. Phoebe and Hadley are still puppies, so we’re waiting a bit until they’re grown.

What distinguishes your collection from others?
There seems to be a bit of a stretch when the word “luxury” is combined with “dogs,” usually it involves glitter or sparkles. Instead, we employ the real meaning of luxury: everything we offer is truly custom made in Italy to our specifications and without shortcuts.

Our collars and leads (coming soon!) have turned and sewn edges for durability and refinement. Collars are soft, lightly padded and flat against the dog’s neck with hardware that is rounded and smooth for comfort. All hardware is solid brass with luxurious plating and is manufactured according to our proprietary designs. The leather is some of the best to be found in all of Italy, which alone is a big statement. And the final production really does take place in a small family-operated factory near Milan with a long history of handmade luxury leather goods.

What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?
That is a difficult question! I think for me, it really depends on the dog. For example, if I had a Weimaraner, based on the coat color I would definitely choose either Cenere (dark gray) or Luna (dark taupe) from our Mezzanotte collection with its sleek polished gunmetal hardware. There’s just something really gorgeous about a collar that almost matches the dog. Pure understated elegance!

We hope to see you this weekend!

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