The Seven Shoes Every Woman Should Own

We’ve covered handbags, so naturally it’s time to cover everyone’s favorite accessory: shoes.

Though we’d like to say every pair of shoes we have in our closets is absolutely essential to our lives, it really boils down to seven pairs. Do you have these in your closet?

Everyday heel: these are the ones that you can wear to work, to cocktails, and everywhere in between. They are comfortable, they are simple, and they are sturdy. Definitely a necessity.

Statement heel: here are the fun ones. Whether they’re sparkly, embellished, animal print, or (for the summer!) wedge sandals, these are the pair of shoes that you know you shouldn’t have spent quite so much money on but they also bring you the greatest joy.

Ankle boot: a more-recent must in the last few decades, these give you a rocker chic vibe and generally they’re more comfortable than your heels. They can be dressed up or dressed down, be sleek and professional or chunky and artsy, but everyone should have a pair!

Ballet flat: this is a no-brainer. Comfortable, timeless, and goes with everything. We love ours from Katharine Page. Her colors are stunning and the comfort level is unparalleled. So Audrey Hepburn!

Sneaker or Oxford: it is SHOCKING how well a good casual sneaker or menswear-inspired oxford can go with your favorite ensembles. We love our pairs from Seychelles. Lucky for us, this super comfortable shoe is also super on-trend for fall. We even have a sneaker-inspired riding boot, which brings us to . . .

Riding boots: a flat boot that comes to the knee (or even over the knee, if you’re feeling daring!), this is great with leggings and an oversized sweater. Great to wear in the winter, when you want a little extra coverage; these will help keep your legs warm! We love ones from Atelje.

Flat leather sandal: another must, this time for summer. A classic for a reason, these are comfortable and they look great with summer dresses and beachwear. Katharine Page makes beautiful pairs with the sweetest stitching details.

Ask our stylists to help you find each perfect pair to complete your closet! Never have to ask, “what do I wear with this?” ever again! You’ll have your essentials, thanks to Dovecote Style!

– Emma, Dovecote Stylist

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