Introducing De La Terre Skincare

The Spa at Fearrington is proud to announce De La Terre Skincare line of holistic products. These products are carried in Haven for retail and are also used in facials in the spa as well. De La Terre Skincare is based in Asheville, North Carolina and provides a holistic approach to skin care therapy through balms, serums, herbal teas, clay and cleansers. Holistic skin therapy promotes skin health by cleansing irritants from skin’s surface with the application of hydrotherapy using pure botanical infusions.

Your skin will radiate with health following the application of herbal enzymes, mist, and serums. Using these products during treatments and in daily homecare use will improve your skin’s physical and energetic health.

Healthy skin is at the cornerstone of supporting one’s overall wellbeing. Modern lifestyle is hard on our bodies and skin. Many internal and external health conditions can affect skin function, thus leaving it vulnerable and devitalized. De La Terre Skincare products and therapies provide a unique holistic approach, which improves the appearance of the skin by supporting skin health. The pure herbal compounds found throughout the De La Terre Skincare collection, gently shifts skin into nutritional balance, where repair and healing can takes place.

This skincare line is a perfect balance for someone who is undergoing oncology treatments. During medical oncology treatments, skin can become fragile, dry, and vulnerable. De La Terre Skincare Oncology Skin Support products provide a holistic approach to skin health that soothes the impact that chemo and radiation has on the skin and the body. This is achieved by returning skin to nutritional balance through pure, natural herbal formulas.

We offer Chemotherapy and a Radiation Skin Support system products in Haven for $150 for the kit. This kit includes:

Herb Rich Tea designed for people who are looking for a flavorful experience, but also want to benefit from specific health enhancing effects of herbal teas.

Herb Rich Cleanser which gently removes environmental pollutants, dirt and makeup.  It will not strip valuable moisture or compromise barrier properties.

Herb Rich Mist balances skin moisture, enhances dermal absorption, and restores surface ecology, while positively enhancing overall well-being.

Herb Rich Serum protects and restores injured skin, reduces inflammation, impedes cellular damage, and helps replenish chronically parched skin.

Herb Rich Clay offers nature’s purest clay enzymes infused with nourishing botanicals. This ‘superfood blend’ provides essential cellular nutrients, renewing dormant skin cells, repairing damaged skin cells, and restoring healthy skin cells.

Vital Repair Herb Rich Balm relieves raw skin and accelerates re-epithelization of wounded/exposed skin.

This holistic approach to skin care provides an extraordinary experience in health and wellness. Come see the difference De La Terre Skincare will make to your skin and your well-being at The Spa at Fearrington.

– Angela, Spa & Haven Manager

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