Lori & Ben

Lori and Ben tied the knot on August 15, 2015. These newlyweds said their ‘I dos’ in the Garden Terrace and danced the night away in the Fearrington Barn.

How did you and your partner meet?
During the January NFL Playoffs, Ben and I were both at Santa Monica’s The Bungalow bar to watch the day game. Ben approached me and told me he recognized me from our local Equinox gym. After a few minutes, I was grabbed by some friends and our conversation was cut short. I thought Ben was very cute in his red pants so I decided to go find him and luckily ran in to him again on the outside patio! We exchanged numbers and he sent me a cute text the next day asking me on a date. From our first date on, we were practically inseparable!

Tell us about the engagement?
We moved to Chapel Hill together over the summer of 2014 for Ben to attend UNC’s MBA program. There was an “understanding” that we would get married if I moved. Months passed and Ben finally started asking me what type of ring I wanted three days before Thanksgiving 2014. I figured that getting the ring would take a few weeks if not more so I thought there was no way we would get engaged over the holidays.

Our Thanksgiving plan was to be in Houston for 3 days and then go to Sugar Mountain for the weekend before heading back to Chapel Hill. Little did I know, Ben had my ring shipped overnight to my parent’s house in Houston. A few days later, we were skiing on Sugar Mountain. Ben talked me in to going to the top of the mountain before lunch. At the top, Ben found a teenager to “take our picture” but he actually asked him to film the whole thing without my knowledge! When he walked back over to me for our “photo”, he dropped to one knee to propose. I dropped the gloves and gear I was holding out of shock and I repeated “YES!” several times! We kept our engagement to ourselves for the next few hours to enjoy the day together and then called our friends and family to share the exciting news!

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?’
Ben and I grew up in Boca Raton and Kingwood but decided that we wanted to get married in our new home state of North Carolina. I wanted to do something a little different and unique, and living in North Carolina inspired the idea of a “barn” wedding. After visiting several venues, we checked out Fearrington. When we pulled up, I knew it was exactly where I wanted to get married! Fearrington had everything – beautiful options for the ceremony, 5-star catering, the unique setting, and of course, the reception barn! The icing on the cake was having Gilda, Mary and the team there to listen to my ideas and make them a reality!

Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day.
There are honestly so many highlights from our wedding it is hard to pick just one! One of my favorite moments was the ceremony. Walking down the aisle with my dad towards Ben, I felt so much love from my parents and I was so excited to finally see Ben. I couldn’t believe how beautiful everything looked from the ceremony space to the scenery around Fearrington. We were married by a good friend and the ceremony was unique yet traditional. There were lots of laughs and even a few tears. I felt as if my dreams were coming true in those few minutes. It was the perfect start to the night and the rest of our lives as a married couple.

Anything you want to add about your wedding story?
Our wedding was exactly what I hoped it would be and I can’t thank Gilda and the team enough for making it happen. The flowers were exactly like the Pinterest pictures I sent to Mary, the food was amazing, the ceremony setting was perfect and the reception in the barn was a blast! The day of the wedding, I didn’t have to do anything except enjoy every moment because Gilda and the team took care of everything! We will always look back at our wedding day with the best memories!


This wedding was designed and coordinated by Fearrington’s own Gilda McDaniel. Photography by Jessica Arden Photography.

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