Meet Our Bees

Have you heard the buzz? Of our bees, that is! Fearrington is now home to four bee hives, which produce the honey for The Fearrington House menu and for our Fearrington House-to-Home take-home honey. We talked with Junior Sous Chef Zac to see what’s new with our flying friends.

Where are they from?
Our bees are from local hives in North Carolina. It is best to use bees from the area you live in because they are acclimated to the weather – in our case the heat – and are less likely to be stressed being put into a new environment.

How many bees are in each hive, and how much honey do they produce?
Each of our new hives will have approximately 60,000 bees, of which most are workers. There are a few drones but only one queen. Each hive will be able to provide 30-50 pounds of honey.

How much do the hives weigh?
Right now each hive weighs about 60 pounds, but could become upward of 80 to 100 pounds by the end of summer.

What do we do to keep the bees happy?
Bees will mostly take care of them selves also long as we place them in a location that will allow them to thrive. It is important to be in an area that will support good foraging for bees. The hives should be placed in a protected area so that they get some shade in the afternoon and are protected from strong wind. The hives should also be placed off the ground so that they are more protected from animals trying to steal honey but also to promote good air flow around the hive.

How do we make the surrounding environment a good habitat for them?
Fearrington is lucky because we already have all of the elements required for a good bee habitat. There are plenty of different flower plants for the bees to forage on. Bees like many different ornamental flower plants but also will enjoy many of the wild flowering plants we have in the fields with our cows. Since the bees are also located close to our vegetable gardens they will help pollinate our vegetable plants and help with the production of produce.

Check out our seasonal menu to see where our Fearrington honey is being used, and follow us on Facebook for more updates on how we’re working toward sustainability!

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