Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up around the corner this year as it always seems to do. At Dovecote, we have got the perfect gift.

We focus a lot on the ladies here at the shop, but we haven’t completely neglected the gents! For Valentine’s Day, we love the idea of gifting a Collared Greens tie or bowtie! Certainly, we are partial to our custom Beltie pattern in red for the holiday, but we have several others that fit the bill. Whether it be striped, coral, or even a bold pink, we have plenty of fun accessories for your stylish Valentine!

If he’s not a tie-wearer, fear not! We have lots of other thoughtful gifts. From a paperweight declaring your love to sensible catchall dishes that are guaranteed to put a smile on his face, we have got you covered.

Swing by the shop to chat with our style team; we are always happy to give advice on great gentlemanly gifts!

– Emma, Dovecote Stylist

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