Looking Ahead to Spring

Spring is feeling closer with the daily arrival of each new order of seeds! This week Fearrington gardener Donna Mears – who oversees the planning and planting of several cutting gardens used by Principle Floral Designer, Mary Stevens, and her team – began one of her favorite tasks: assembling the many varieties of cut-flower seeds which she will soon be sowing in our glasshouse.

Cosmos ‘Double Click’

While many of these will be the tried-and-true flowers Mary loves and relies on, florists and gardeners would not be happy without at least a few new beauties to inspire creativity.

This year, Donna is most excited by four special additions to the cutting garden palette.

Cosmos are a reliable workhorse for summer bouquets, but Cosmos ‘Double-Click’ is a new seed mix, promising bunches of frilly, feminine blossoms to delight brides and grace tables.

California Poppies

A new mix of California poppies (Escholschzia californica) will give the florists plenty of sunshine-y spring color to work with.

A soft and sophisticated mix of Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) in shades of mauve, violet, and pink, is sure to make us fall in love with this old-fashioned flower all over again.

African Blue Basil

For late-summer arrangements, African Blue Basil, with its rich, dark foliage and stunning blue flower spikes will add depth and drama to companion blooms.

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We are already excited to see what our creative floral team will be putting together this season!

– Julian, Fearrington Gardener

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