Fearrington’s Feathered Flock

At the end of the summer, Fearrington welcomed new free-ranging chickens to our coop! These feathered friends were raised on a farm in North Carolina and now spend their days roaming the Fearrington pastures with the goats. At dusk, the chickens return to the coop and their door closes for safety.

The Fearrington farm is now home to 12 chicken species, with some from as far away as China! Our species range from the Old English Game Bantam to the Colombian Wine Dot and the Coocoo Maron. All of the chickens have unique characteristics: the Chinese Silky has five toes, while the Frizzle has reversed feathers, making it fluffy from its beak to its toes, and the Black Cochin has black feathers covering its feet to look like boots!

You’ll likely spot the chickens frolicking with the goats in the front pasture. Say “hello!” on your next visit to the Belted Barnyard!

Enjoying a Fearrington Wedding

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A Festive Wintry Cocktail

With a Fearrington House recipe for clarified milk punch that dates back to the 18th century and North Carolina wild flower honey spiced liquor, this cocktail is equal parts history and local ingredients. The Fearrington Nightcap is the perfect fireside companion this winter season. Fearrington Nightcap The chefs at The Fearrington House Restaurant created a recipe for clarified milk punch, although the drink recipe dates back to the 18th century, using vodka, bourbon, brandy,... Full Post >

7 Exfoliation Tips

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Style Resolutions

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New Year, New Garden?

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