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Tom Whitaker, Executive Sous Chef

Hailing from Hexham in the North East of England, Tom began his culinary education at Queen Elizabeth High School. After working in some of the top restaurants in the region, Tom moved to the United States in 2006 and began working at The Fearrington House. Tom became Executive Sous Chef in 2009. View his blog!

Preserved Lemons

Today we are preserving lemons for the year. The process is simple, but the results are always astounding, especially when added to elevate a dish or garnish to give it a little more pep. We take the lemons and trim off both ends (this helps them to stand up and stack better for large numbers), then we take our knife three quarters of the way down from the top to open them up. We place them in a dish standing up and liberally add salt followed by a good salad oil to cover. They are then left... Full Post >

New Cheese Service

Over the years we have tried many different ways to serve beautiful local, national and international farm house cheeses to our guests. This time I feel is our best yet! We now offer a Cheese Menu for our diners to choose from, along with a table presentation of the nine cheeses we carry (just to help the decision with a visual aid). On the menu we have two choices of each type of cheese, from blue to goat to bloomed rind, from which you can pick up to four. The cheese is then brought back to... Full Post >

A Rice Krispy Treat Worth Five-Stars

Rice Krispy treats to celebrate our recent Forbes Five-Star Award! Great way to start off our weekend. Full Post >

And Holiday Planning Has Begun…

Chef Thomas Card is sitting down on the nearest stool for holiday menu writing... We are debuting our holiday menus next week -- stay tuned to see what Fearrington is serving for the holidays. Full Post >

Crab Apples

Many people who know and live close to the Fearrington House Restaurant, know that on our wonderful grounds the Chefs have a herb garden to play with, but there is another treat just outside of the fenced in herbs that may go unnoticed for most of the year -- an orchard of Crab Apple trees. They stand between The Fearrington House Restaurant and Jenny's Garden. The bounty of these trees arrive slap bang in the middle of summer and there we are, waiting patiently for these apples to turn from... Full Post >