Meet Gilda McDaniel

This is my dear friend Gilda McDaniel. Today is her 25th anniversary here at Fearrington. That’s a long time, especially in the hospitality business. I shall now proceed to thoroughly embarrass her (she really doesn't like it when we brag on her - sorry Gilda). She is a true mensch - someone that we can all count on as a friend; someone who is always there to help when you are in a pickle. She is the coworker who jumps in and helps you move 200 ceremony chairs just as the rainstorm starts.... Full Post >

Until Next Year…

Wow! For the first time in recent memory, the Folk Art Show brought sunny skies and warm weather both days! No sliding around on a light (or not so light) blanket of snow. Our 2014 show was great fun for both artists and all the guests who came out to see the creations in The Fearrington Barn and out on the patio. There were 38 artists participating in the show this year, with six new artists who brought work ranging from delicate jewelry to beautifully twisted metal wire sculpture. All of... Full Post >

Meet Rashaad Davis

Writing about Rashaad Davis is like looking back on a kind of Fearrington Village family tree. Rashaad and I came to Fearrington at about the same time; we both started out at what was then the Market Café (now the Granary Restaurant).  We were barely more than children and that was 20 years ago. Hard to imagine he has been here that long, but Rashaad, like many of us here, has family history at this place. As a child he would visit the Village with his uncle, then the head chef at the... Full Post >

Meet Ken Henderson

This is Ken. He may look like a mild-mannered man about town, but he is, in fact, a super hero. He is one of the guys who holds the Village together. And I'm not talking in the figurative sense here. I'm talking about a real tube of glue, hammer, or whatever tool it takes to keep this place running. Ken has been with Fearrington for 22 years now (he must have been a wee babe when he started working here). He started in construction, and after years of making certain all the final details in... Full Post >

Betty Schabacker’s Collages at the Granary

Betty Schabacker is an artist of some measure, to say the least. Her work has been displayed in galleries all over the country. She is known for her paintings and watercolors, but especially for her collages. Fearrington is lucky enough to have her collage work on display through November at The Fearrington Granary, and we are thoroughly enjoying the colors and textures that make up these paintings full of animals and abstract ephemera. My personal favorite, "Aslan," is a painting named of... Full Post >

Pepperfest: A Tasty Time Was Had By All

The Fearrington Granary and Chef Colin served up sweet and spicy bites at the 6th Annual Abundance Foundation Pepper Festival this Sunday. Oh, what a day! The weather was beautiful, if a bit sultry for the first week of October, and the food and drink was delicious. We spent the afternoon strolling from table to table and enjoying zesty samples from some of the best local eateries, brew pubs and distilleries in the piedmont. Colin served up over 1000 tastings of Country Fried Pork with... Full Post >

My Favorite Place in Fearrington

Roost is my favorite place in all of Fearrington Village. It really and truly is. You can enjoy an amazing dinner at the "perfect for special occasions" Fearrington House or delicious casual "comfort food any time" at The Granary. You can stroll the beautiful gardens, stop by the farmer’s market on Tuesday afternoons or swing through the Goat for ice cream on a hot summer day to name but a few options. But, best of all (and you can check with my husband and children on this, they will... Full Post >

Cherie Westmoreland at the Granary Gallery

Stop by The Fearrington Granary Gallery and take a look at the many faces of Cherie Westmoreland’s art. Cherie’s work will be on display at the Gallery through the end of September. Want to meet her in person? The Granary is hosting a reception on Tuesday, September 10th from 6-8pm. Stop by for light refreshments, a visit with Cherie, and live music by her son, guitarist John Westmoreland. Here is how Cherie describes her work, “I have always loved the process of creation, whether in... Full Post >

Double Vision

The ambiguity of a sophisticated farm is the source of inspiration that led painters Brenda Behr and Robert Rigsby to capture Fearrington in a series of oil paintings. The artists share a studio in downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina. Problem is, they’re never there. They also share a love of plein air painting. Started in France by the group best known as the Impressionists, plein air is French for open air. In the mid-nineteenth century, new technology introduced a means by which paint could... Full Post >

Knit Blitz!

Some days are just perfect. Beautiful weather. Birds singing. Bright blue skies. Who could pass up the chance for a walk along the Creekwood trails on a day like this? I lace up my sneakers, step out my back door, and set out for a walk through the woods. But wait! What's this? Sweet little birds hanging from a branch. No, not one of the robins or cardinals that seem to be everywhere this morning, but little crocheted tweets in a rainbow of colors. A few more steps down the trail and there is a... Full Post >