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Jared Shaffer, Bookseller

Jared recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. He loves short fiction and the dark chocolate caramels located, conveniently for him, next to the McIntyre's Books cash register. He helps out with the store's Twitter and Facebook -- check out his blog!

Staff Picks: Katherine

Before I could finish asking Katherine what books she's excited about, she had slapped two in my hand. My hand hurts, but all the better for y'all, who can now take a peak at her picks. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan (a young adult title) "This is an incredibly spiritual book -- about gender identity and how it shifts -- a compelling look at how humans connect passionately and how human wounds and self-perception can control us. In this work, the power of love redeems.... Full Post >

Staff Picks: Dear Life

A review from Lucia, the newest member of our team, on Alice Munro's Dear Life: Described by Cynthia Ozick as "the Chekhov of our time," Munro now claims Dear Life will be her final story collection. Her prose delights, for the compression of her sentences, the startling plot twits, and the wide swathes of time and transformation of memory that these stories chart. Dear Life is packed with joy, sorrow, and compassion in equal measure. A stunning farewell from a deeply... Full Post >

Staff Picks: This Is How You Lose Her

My girlfriend gave me This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz in hardcover for my birthday, and as of its release in paperback a week ago, I have not lost her. These short stories follow a narrator who continually does dumb things to women who readily retaliate. Diaz left me laughing and shaking my head at this guy who screws up his relationships in Larry David-esque ways. I'll read anything by an author who pens this line: "She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so... Full Post >

Pete’s Mystery Newsletter: Vol. 2

If you haven't signed up for Pete's mystery newsletter, you're missing out! Here's a taste of why you should sign up now! - Jared Pete's Mystery Newsletter, Vol. 2  JAMES LEE BURKE FOR THE NOBEL PRIZE! As I was reading James Lee Burke's latest The Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel, I was once again stunned by his virtuosity. The man can pack more into one sentence than most can on a whole page, his descriptions beggar belief. As I was getting further into the story which has... Full Post >

Staff Picks

From our bookshelves to yours, here are books that we won't shut up about at McIntyre's Books: The Unwinding by George Packer  This is modern America in a nutshell. Greed, avarice, and the quashing of the America dream (think Raleigh, NC) as told through the stories of people across the board. It reminded me of great narrative nonfiction like Nickel & Dimed and Fast Food Nation, very readable and though provoking. More -... Full Post >