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Jared Shaffer, Bookseller

Jared recently graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill. He loves short fiction and the dark chocolate caramels located, conveniently for him, next to the McIntyre's Books cash register. He helps out with the store's Twitter and Facebook -- check out his blog!

Staff Picks: North Carolina Authors

Forget Shakespeare, forget the Greek and Roman poets, forget the literary canon! Let's pay homage to North Carolina authors, who can match wits with the best of the book world. Here are just a few of our favorite books by local authors. These are stories that will stick in your brain because, after all, the pen is mightier than the . . . Looks like we can't cross Shakespeare off our list just yet. Up, up, and away to staff picks! The King of Lies by John Hart "Yowza!... Full Post >

Out-of-Season Tree Decorations

ALERT: Last night, a gang of witty Fearrington knitters tagged a tree in front of McIntyre's with scarves. On the scarves are snarky fake book titles like Smart Beer by Bud Wiser and Robots by Anne Droid. One title, Falling Trees by Tim Burr, made me jump back! I was, after all, standing under a tree. That title may just be an homage to Pitbull and Ke$ha. These crafty ne'er-do-wells didn't stop at one tree --you'll find homemade scarves, flowers, and puppets on... Full Post >

Staff Picks

Let's dive into staff picks! This is a good bunch--you'll find a mix of authors on the rise and ones who are already in their primes. The Kept by James Scott "Every so often a book comes along that just knocks my socks off. The more I think about it the more it resonates with me. The Kept is such a book. While it is one of these bleak and grim types that I tend to gravitate towards and know exactly which readers will enjoy, I will recommend this book to almost anyone.... Full Post >

A Small Welcome

Heads bent, we graciously welcome Sir Wok and his pup of indiscriminate origin to the McIntyre's family. Made from wok pans, belts, and a purple feather duster, this suit of armor keeps the mystery room under control. Fear his right glove, which sometimes falls off. Fear his squat dog, gleaming in golden armor. Fear the podium on which he is mounted, which has wheels. Eric Juengst -- armor artist, husband of kids' book buyer Katherine, and director of UNC's Center for Bioethics --... Full Post >

Staff Picks: Short stories

The short story is thriving. Alice Munro wins the Nobel Prize. George Saunders and Junot Diaz contend for National Book Awards. Claire Vaye Watkins incorporates the mythology of the American West to write the dark collection Battleborn, which seems to shudder in your hands as you read. Kevin Barry performs wonderful tricks of Irish dialect in Dark Lies the Island. What has lead us to this wonderful year? Here are 5 collections--written over the past two decades or... Full Post >

Staff Picks

Thank you to our holiday treat-bearers. For the past week, I've dealt with chocolate mouth, the dehydration that comes from eating only chocolate all day long. With these sweet gifts, we've added about fifteen to twenty lbs. to our staff. No matter. We'll shed our hibernating weight in the new year. Until then, we read! Here's a peek at books we've enjoyed lately. We'll start with Pete's pick, Goat Mountain. A boy hunting with his family spies a poacher in his gun's scope. The boy... Full Post >

Pat Conroy, Staff Picks, and more!

On the morning of Pat Conroy's visit, the rain and glop seems to be giving way to sun. I'd like to thank everyone for helping us sell out the event --without this kind of support, we wouldn't be around and we wouldn't be able to host authors of Conroy's caliber! Buying the books you want from McIntyre's has never been easier. Come through the door and get lost among our shelves or cozy up in front of the fireplace (no one has yet attempted to cook marshmallows). There's always one of the... Full Post >

Stocking Stuffers

Not buying books saddens me, but McIntyre's has so many stocking stuffers that I must share them. This also gives me the opportunity to quote the great Mitch Hedberg: "A severed human foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer." Limbs are not our business, but the following items are: From hedgehog lip balm to owl kitchen timers to shark speakers, we've got gifts perfect for your friends that may love animals too much. A dragon keychain light will make you the envy of fantasy fans everywhere.... Full Post >

Staff Picks

Here are some books that have been keeping us up at night: The Labyrinth of Osiris by Paul Sussman "This book took me back to my childhood when I loved to read Robert Ludlum, Ken Follett, and others. Good international thrillers that pumped up the heartbeat and kept me reading way past any bedtime, much to my mother's chagrin. The Labyrinth of Osiris, set in the Mid-East and featuring a partnership between Israeli and Egyptian detectives, has done the very same thing... Full Post >

PICKIN’: A Celebration featuring The Bluegrass Experience

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell hypothesizes that the Beatles' success -- at least in part -- is thanks to their playing seven nights a week at a German bar during their early months as a band. No knock on the Beatles, but the Bluegrass Experience has 42 years under their belts. Come out to the barn this Sunday and let Stan Brown's banjo get your foot tapping. Keith Thomas' fiddle will have you looking around for a dance partner and shedding any shyness left over from the... Full Post >