A Small Welcome

Heads bent, we graciously welcome Sir Wok and his pup of indiscriminate origin to the McIntyre’s family. Made from wok pans, belts, and a purple feather duster, this suit of armor keeps the mystery room under control.

Fear his right glove, which sometimes falls off. Fear his squat dog, gleaming in golden armor. Fear the podium on which he is mounted, which has wheels.

Eric Juengst — armor artist, husband of kids’ book buyer Katherine, and director of UNC’s Center for Bioethics — designed Sir Wok in the style of 15th century Italian armor, notable for its smooth and paunchy look. Also popular in Europe during this period, the German style featured straighter lines and flaring around the waist. Eric’s work, alongside Katherine’s quilting, will be available during the Fearrington Folk Art Show (February 22nd & 23rd).

Sir Wok’s bold and innovative career as a marketplace crossing guard won him his knighthood. He sponsors the catch and release technique for hunting dragons. On the side, he designs patterns for a wrapping paper company. It is rumored he accidentally dropped his sword down a storm drain. He is, in a word, resplendent.

– McIntyre’s Crew

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  1. I can’t wait to see the knight…probably today. What a wonderful, talented bunch of people you all are! McIntyre’s is more than a bookstore. It is the intellectual center of Fearrington Village! You give so much sparkle and life!
    Thank you.