A Rare Quiet Saturday

About once a year, on a random day, it happens…we get a quiet Saturday afternoon. Very strange!  Well, a few weeks ago was the 2014 date for such a thing, and I got spend a really nice hour with the “Flower Shop Girls” (as we affectionately call them) looking at a large selection of Krystal Kast’s fabulous wedding photos.  It was such fun!

While looking at Krystal’s work is always a pleasure, the most enjoyable part of the afternoon for me was listening to the girls as they looked with delight at every photo. They carefully studied every single detail!  Since the Flower Girls always finish their magic as the guests arrive, they miss the fun of seeing what happens when the celebration starts.

Krystal’s beautiful photographs of all of the special details (like our gorgeous flowers!) as well as the “big pictures” (literally!) of the event really capture every moment of a wedding, so looking at the photos is like being there in person for the first time.  Watching the Flower Girls have the chance to see what a great contribution their work makes to the glory of the day was a treat.  Hearing their joyful commentary on how beautiful the weddings turned out brought back all of the fun for me, too.

Seeing how much joy those photos brought to our flower team, I can only imagine what a special day it is when those photos arrive for newlyweds and their families to look at for the first time. And every time they look through the photos hold so many memories in the years to come…what a gift!

– Gilda